Tony Saviano, Broker/Owner, Realty Executives Experts, Hoffman Estates

by Chicago Agent

Tony Saviano

Broker/Owner, Realty Executives Experts, Hoffman Estates

Will your business increase, decrease or keep at the same pace next year? My business will increase because I will be doing more consistent prospecting.

What should agents focus on to build their businesses in 2012? Reconnect with their sphere of influence.

Do you expect home values to increase, decrease or stay the same next year? Stay the same.

When do you think inventory will see a significant decrease? In 2013. The shadow inventory of foreclosures will be on the market by then, and much of it will be gobbled up by investors.

What is your brokerage planning for 2012? To be more hands-on, to help clients in whatever ways we can, and to get more executives to use the tools that are already available.

What goals have you set personally in your business, and what are your company’s goals? Personally, my goal is to increase my sales by at least 50 percent by better utilizing the tools we use and following through on my sphere of influence marketing ideas. My agents have the goal to produce at least 25 percent more sales in 2012.

Will there be more or less people choosing to join the real estate industry next year? There will be less people joining the real estate industry in light of the challenging market as well as the new license requirements.

Do you think a significant amount of agents will switch from full-time to part-time due to the market? Yes, as is already happening.

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