Housing Can’t be Fixed by Government, Says House Speaker Boehner

by Chicago Agent

Agent Genius has written extensively on housing since day one and it isn’t easy to keep a sunny disposition as housing has crashed in recent years. Various organizations from trade organizations to governmental organizations have come up with different ways to try to prop up the hemorrhaging housing sector.

The government has attempted numerous programs from tax incentives to the HAMP program with mixed results. Home buyer tax credits prompted purchases but struggling homeowner needs have gone wildly unmet.

In an interview with CBS News, John Boehner said, “Over the last couple years, Congress has really set up four programs to help with those mortgage problems. And unfortunately, none of those have worked. And all they’ve really done is dragged out the length of time for the market to clear the problems. Which is unfortunate.”

Boehner also noted, “I was skeptical of these programs when they were approved. I’m even more skeptical today that there’s anything the government can do to resolve these problems.”

Is it the government’s job to fix housing or should it correct itself? It isn’t exactly a partisan issue and it is the largest part of the economy that has been crippled – is there hope?

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  • Donna says:

    Boehner does not mention any suggestions to the housing problems. All he says is that the current programs are working. I guess he thinks that Rome was built in day.

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