Personality = Success

by Chicago Agent

Not everyone has that “social butterfly” personality. Real estate agents are expected, however, to possess some special over-the-top customer service personality that woos customers and closes deals by the mere smile on their face. The secret to success in real estate is in large part due to your personality. If the old adage that “people buy people” stands true, then how you communicate through behavior and temperament can make or break your career.

Craig Witt of EXIT Realty

The ability to connect with your customer has everything to do with personality. It is the real estate agent’s job to reinforce their skill, trust and overall ability to not only work well with them, but also with others in the transaction to ensure the deal gets done. By putting personality in your business, you’re giving customers something to connect to. That connection is more important than credentials or experience. Once people feel connected to you, it’s hard to break that connection.

Another benefit is that people remember personality more than content. Think about when you attend training seminars flooded with speakers. All of them had great content, but the fact is, you only really remember one or two presenters because they put a certain personality into their delivery. The truth is, your customer is wanting to feel something – a connection – with you; if they do not, they will move on to another agent. If you knew better how to adjust your personality to them and the situation, they could easily turn from customer into client.

EXIT Realty recognizes in order to better serve our customers, we need to first understand ourselves on a personal level, including the mind, body and a firm understanding of our own personality type. More importantly, we train our associates how to determine the personality of others. The true value in discovering personality types in others allows you to adjust your personality to better communicate with them. Interpersonal communication is a valuable component to succeeding in real estate.

Competitors can copy your product, price and website, but they cannot copy your personality. It is unique to you and should be used to your full advantage. Personality makes you stand out and makes you human. It is critical to put your personality into your marketing and your business. Sometimes the simplest of changes can be found by looking at yourself, and being wise enough to recognize there is room for improvement that can pay big dividends in your career.

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  • Greg Viti says:

    Great point! We have personality so use it!!

  • As an introvert, I first tried to emulate the personalities of the top sales people in the company, but ended up feeling exhausted trying to be a social butterfly. Now I find I’m closing more as I bring my own personality whenever I meet with clients.

    It’s nice to read an article that discusses why that is. A helpful resource to learning about personalities: typelogic.com/

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