NAR to Raise Membership Dues

by Chicago Agent

The National Association of Realtors met yesterday at the Association Executives Institute in Dallas to present the Realtor Political Survival Initiative (PSI), a response to a 2010 Supreme Court ruling that effects campaign financing.

NAR DuesAccording to AgentGenius.com, if approved by NAR’s board of directors on May 14, the Political Survival Initiative could raise NAR membership dues by $40.

Currently, NAR dues are as follows: $30 to legislative/regulatory advisory, $15 to member relationship building, $10 state and local association services, $6 to technology and economic research, $6 to publications, $5 to commercial/international alliances, $4 to legal policy enforcement, and $4 to customer service; $80 in total.

If the PSI is approved in May, NAR membership dues would rise 50 percent to $120, according to AgentGenius.

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  • Charles Barsamian says:

    At a time of economic strain and despair you have such insight and fore thought of the members well being that you so gracefully reward all of us a rate increase. You’re about as useful as our current government.
    Thank you

  • Rita Loftus says:

    This is ridiculous in today’s economic situation and one of the worst housing markets on record!!!!

  • Greg Jarvis says:

    I feel as though I get very little from NAR. For them to raise dues in a time of economic troubles when realtors are earning less money is a crime.

  • In an economy where so many realtors are just getting by, it seems really harsh to increase dues. The credit crunch and increasingly large number of foreclosures on the market make it difficult to remain in this business and even more difficult to make money in this business. Increasing the dues will just place yet another burden on those of us that are trying to “hang in there” while the economy improves.

  • James Reinert says:

    Thanks for the incentive to call it quits. After 43 years now is a good time not to attempt a comeback. 40 good ones and 3 bad ones, not to shabby for a career.

  • DON MEYER says:

    I’ve been in this Business 35 + Years, the NAR has apparently not done it’s job over that period of time. We use to have a two sided Real estate Purchase Agreement, with a one sided Listing Agreement. The NAR has allowed Lawyers and Politicians to add so many layers of red tape, that it is alomost impossible to keep up with on a day to day basis. Where has the NAR been on all of these issues? Too busy living it up at the Hawaii Conventions, or the private Golf Courses hob nobbing with the Politicians? Membership is falling, and these guys want to protect their cishy positions. Shame on them!

  • Pam Johnson says:

    Unfortunately, our NAR leadership is suffering a brain freeze. Think leadership is totally out of touch with today’s reality. Now is the time to ecomonize and streamline operations, not keep the sameo and just burden the members with fee increases in probably, the worst real estate market in the last 50 years.

    Think fees should be reduced by getting rid of some of the bloat at the top. Think that can be done without effecting services to the members. Have had to cut my household budget the last 3 years because of lower commission income. Now I think it is time for NAR to cut some bloat out of their budget.

  • Mark Dante says:

    How could they even consider something like this at a time like this? Worst market in our lifetime and this is how they help us out? I agree with other members that these folks really do not even do anything for our benefit. Just like a buch of government buerocrats that really do not know what is going on in the main stream.

  • Jeff says:

    Are you REALLY serious? You want to raise dues 50%!! (Who is the math genius that says 33% raise? it is $80 now and raising it $40 {what is HALF or $80??})

    I feel like I GET NO BENEFIT from the NAR.

    Have then done ANYTHING to loosen the money supply so that banks lend and deals close? Nope!

    Have they done ANYTHING to oppose the banks bailouts and yet the banks KEEPING the toxic assets on there books and exacerbating the foreclosure situation? Nope!

    Have they done anything to have the banks respond to short sales in an appropriate time-frame or fashion? Nope!

    I think that it is time as MEMBERS to say NOPE!

    How do we EVEN VOTE for whomever is on the board!

    They appear to be much like a government agency.

  • Wayne Walusiak says:

    Then it’s about time we decertify this organization. All they are worried about is collecting more money from fewer realtors.
    It’s time you people woke up and ascribed to OUR needs not your. You represent US, not your own pocketbook.

  • John Trandel says:

    If NAR was getting anything accomplished maybe a small increase but this is ridiculous. Please tell me how you have helped me shrink my business $60,000 last year alone. Thanks for the help.

  • Jude Offerle says:

    Let me see if I understand this: our dues are currently $80 and they want to raise it $40 to a total of $120. Where I went to school that is NOT a 33% increase, it is a 50% increase!

    In the worst economic climate in our lifetime?

    And for “Political Survival Initiative”? Isn’t that what a PAC us for? What part of the Supreme Court ruling undermined my survival?

  • Sandra Baskin says:

    Surely I am asleep and having a bad dream! And…will any of these terrific remarks from my fellow Realtors actually be heard at NAR?

  • Allen Schmidt says:

    I think that the dues should not be increased at this time. The whole housing industry is suffering as it is and to add additional dues will be an unneeded expense.
    I think that the NAR needs to cut spending and operate on the monies that are currently available. As a business owner, I know first hand that in this current economic climate we all have to find ways to economize.

  • Tom Rebarchak says:

    Sounds like a typical union move, instead of cutting the benifits(FAT) for the “Topdogs” to save expenses, charge the dues payers more! Raising the dues 50% at a time like this proves to me that they have little or no concern for anyone but themselves!

  • Paul Scheufler says:

    I would like to see NAR look over every expense it has and cut expense items that it can live without. The bus they have that travels the US with NAR personel to advertise home ownership is definitly one place they can save money. If NAR is justifying expenses like this one, I wonder what other wasteful spending it is doing.

    Not unlike our government, it is so easy for NAR to spend other peoples money, especially when you can just demand more when you run out. During good times it would not matter much. In a bad economy with an even worse housing market it matters a lot.

    NAR should not view it’s members as if they were a blank check.

    I would like to see NAR be more fiscally responsible.

  • Diana Mielak says:

    Is there another reason for realtors not to renew there liscense in 2012. More fees, less agent service, and less agents what tack are you on. Is this supported by banks who want to do there own real estate sales with uqualified agents because the work for the bank.

  • Albert Burns says:

    Ithink NAR should cut their budgets like everybody else, what have they done to deserve it, can we get a list of CURRENT accomplishments

  • Bruce Johnson-Reid says:

    Definitely out of touch with those they serve! When everyone everywhere is trying to figure out how to get by with less, they feel the need to raise there budget by 50%!!! Throw them out!

  • Lee Peterson says:

    I was so angry I couldn’t wait to respond. But, than I saw the comments already posted – the first encouraging thing I’ve seen in years. Thank God people are starting to get it. Yes they are just like the government and the Banks. Because they all swim in the same SESPOOL (you now like the Hampton’s)together protecting there THEIFDOMS!
    Start the clean up where you can, in your own house. Stop paying for nothing based on we won’t let you use the MLS (they sold the MLS to any Tom, Dick, or Harry that’s willing to make out a check. There’s nothing exclusive to this service anymore, making it worth nothing. As for there great connections in Washington or having any real power to help us your now living the results of that. They thought they won the battle, but, clearly they lost the WAR over who controls the Real Estate industry. Oh! they invite the NAR to the dance, but, you don’t think there actually allowed to dance! You can rest assure sooner or later Realtor’s will be going to there offices located in there local Bank.
    Like your Real Estate Company, Broker, NAR, (there’s many because obviously your getting little help from the NAR) and everyone else who has there hands in Realtor’s pockets, we see at the lowest point, they advertise for more people to join there pyramid scheme. Because its never been about lifting the professionalism of the Real Estate industry allowing people to build long term rewarding careers – its been about get one more person to pay the freight, whether they do well or not. They would be happy if everyone took the test thinking they were going to be a weekend worrier Realtor – Just send in your dues! Support the bureaucrats – the bottom feeders that suck the profits out of the industry playing at WE HAVE “OUR” BEST INTEREST AT HEART – WE DESERVE THE SUPPORT OF THE PEASANTS (ANYBODY REMEBER THE BANK MEMOS)- YOUR LUCKY TO HAVE US! – HAWAII IS BEAUTIFUL THIS TIME OF YEAR!
    But, I don’t get my hopes up to high – Americans got along way to go to really get it – after all Barney Frank got re-elected for his performance serving on the banking committee and receiving over a million dollars in 0% loans from the banks – how much money do ya think he’s received of your hard earned monies – these are the type of
    people organizations like the NAR throw your money at – these are the people they call (BUY) FRIENDS! Funny how Barney used to push anyone out of the way for a camera shot is rarely seen these day’s, HUH! Believe me its going to get worse before it gets better – and since all the people in charge have done ABSULUTLY NOTHING to correct it – were headed right back to this in the future – they will steel it as long as “WE” let them! Take a lead from the crooks themselves – (Union) Dues aren’t worth it – well either are allot of the organizations that play at being unions.

  • Barbara Craft-Thorn says:

    Are you kidding me? A 50% increase in dues! Can’t see that I got anything out of the $80, much less $120. What exactly has been done with the money this past year? We have got to quit spending money on foolishness and figure out how to effectively put our funds to work.

    I have had to figure out how to pay more for gas, more for food, more for taxes with less money because I can’t ask my clients for 50% more in commissions. It’s time the policy makers take a cut in pay, stay within a reasonable budget and give the membership a break!

  • Al Clark says:

    Wondering why none of the anger was directed or involved loosing the Mortgage interest deduction?

  • Jamie McDaniel-Damaschke says:

    Honestly I am not surprised. Insulted, but not surprised. Its a slaughter house of a market. We work 3 times as hard for 1/2 of the income we used to make. Short sales and bank owned deals alone increased my cell phone bill, ink in my printer, faxes, buyers canceling contracts after I spent days preparing docs for the bank, faxing, emailing, waiting on hold for 20 mins just to be be disconnected after waiting on hold again after they have to find the file, we don’t have that file, arghhhhh! Now this, perfect. Can we ever win against the man? They think they are going to feed off us like every other agency does until there is nothing left, perhaps we just boycott the increase, without us, there is no NAR! Shame on them.

  • Ramon Villalon says:

    We are struggling on this market and know they want to charge us higher dues forcing more people out of the real estate business. Shame on them.

  • Paul Wirth says:

    Are you going to supply the pencils for us to sell when you drive us all to quit the NAR. This is nuts. I have been with the NAR since 1975. What have you done for me lately? I will not pay it. If you raise the fee, I will quit.

  • W.C. Lueder says:

    No one person commented in favor of this increase…………….Doesn’t that tell you something???????? Your champions and standard bearers are not even showing any sort of support. Wake up and look at yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Frank DiGiovanni says:

    Living in Illinois conditions you for anything!

  • Ken Reiss says:

    All you have to do is throw one less party each week for a Washington D.C. politician and you should have enough money on your current budget. You have really lost touch with your membership. Your request is shameful.

  • Lee M says:

    I’m so glad to hear everyone else’s frustration on this issue. It seems ridiculous to raise the dues in this extremely tough time. What does the NAR do for me? Thank you to everyone who posted with such great thoughts. Lets hope the NAR will see some of these real people talking about this issue and how we are directly affected by this terrible choice. Appalling proposition!!!

  • Carla B says:

    I whole heartedly agree with every other post. In these economic times to raise fees and offer nothing in return is absurd. I was already on the fence about whether I can continue to maintain my license. You’ve just helped me make my decision, and now you will get nothing. Nice work.

  • Diane Fisher says:

    I’m so glad everyone feel the same as me. This is ridiculous. Raise 50%? Are they insane? They have done nothing for me and now raise the dues? Crazy. They are just like the politicians, can’t stand up for the people. Without us, there is no NAR.

  • tony carnevale says:

    What else can I say, you’ve all said everything I’ve already thought of and then some! All I can say is we leave out the increase in our next dues remittance. Plain and simple, don’t pay it. If enough of us do this, the message will be sent. If all of us do this, the NAR will think twice about ever increasing dues 50%.

  • John Piccolo says:

    The increase is absurd! Real Estate is no longer about helping people find homes. Everyone needs to make a living, but so many have gotten SO greedy. The increase should be for correcting basics and forget the technology for a while. Has anyone every heard of CENLAR. It is a mortgage servicing company. That is doing some serious illegal things amidst this terrible market. From what I understand it was set up by Fannie Mae, although noone has ever given me an answer. My Mortgage was given to them when my original mortgage company, Taylor Bean from Florida, went under. Cenlar actually used my tax escrow money to pay my condo association’s annual insurance bill. Leaving me holding the bag and they wanted to bump my escrow payment more than $250.00. As a real estate broker I know the system and I fought, but burned out. The easiest thing to do was refinance and I did. WHERE IS THE REFORM!!!!!!! Keep driving us Realtors away. It is no longer an enjoyable career

  • John Piccolo says:

    Typical! NAR is just another brand name and why do we need it. I don’t see the need For those of us who operate ethically? Maybe the NAR should look into a company called CENLAR. Who apparently gets to do and get away with whatever they want such as taking someones tax escrow and paying a condo association insurance bill and not putting the money back for 4 months. But that won’t happen because from what I was told CENLAR was set up by Freddie MAC. Another interesting item is if CENLAR is part of Freddie Mac it is amazing to me their customer service is in India, but I did get their local number in New Jersey while reading through thousands of comments posted by angry CENLAR customer on line. Are you out their Lisa Madigan or DFPR

  • Jeff says:

    Maybe it is time we all call our local board and tell them how upset we are about this and what they propose to do about it.

    We need to start at the grassroots level and see what happens.

    Send an email to your head of the Board.

  • Mona R says:

    This is just along the same lines as the new broker/broker manager licenses that we are required to upgrade to… of all times to require us to pay out more money from our empty pockets.. Who thought of this one? And why now?? The boards and the state will reap the benefits from this untimely disaster…it was bad enough for us to have to retake those classes over and over for CE…which really did a lot for our industry huh?? Just put more money in the pockets of the boards who began offering those CE hours and no one really complained they went along with it because we were still able to make money. And what do those boards do for us?? Lobby?? Protect us from increasing fees and dues and protect our licenses??

  • Marie DeMaria says:

    Just like us having to become Brokers in the State of Il, it is insane to expect all of us to take on yet another burden. Lots of us have similar concerns as our clients, our homes and honestly , making a living? How can our National Assn just like Il raise the anty? as usual, it is business of the ones at the top not feeling the pain driving home increases for the rest of us. Why, I guess because they can. I wonder if our reps have taken a pay cut? Hmm, just like the government.

  • Bob Canter says:

    As a commercial real estate broker I have the luxury of not having to be a member. I had been a member, but had decided due to all the accurate factors listed above not resign. The NAR has to be one of the worst trade organizations in existence. Start with their monthly statistics which by all accounts are being gamed to make the public believe the housing market is improving. The commercial stats are even worse. Their chief economist Lawrence Yun is a Joke. I have had several email communications with him and members of his staff, and this started before the housing market collapse. I had pointed out their “Spin” was actually going to hurt the public in the long run. They are deaf to any criticism.
    My suggestion is to file a class action suit against the NAR and all local/state boards as they are no more than a trade association, not a licensing board. Yet you cannot gain access to the local MLS unless you are a member of the local board which requires you to be a NAR member. Talk about lobbying, that is how they positioned themselves. I say their practices are a restraint of Trade. As long as one is licensed you should have access to the MLS, it should NOT be predicated on being a Board Member or a NAR Member. A friend of mine in Tennessee broker away from the local board due to a variety of reasons in which he totally disagreed. He started his own Realty Board, he was sued but won. He set up his own MLS and as you know property owners really don’t care where Brokers access their information as long as it is being promoted and able to be accessed.
    Is There a fee for this “new” board yes but lower than the local broad as it covers strictly admin fees to keep the database maintained etc. This can become a movement if you all get on your blogs and Facebook and other National Platforms. The NAR will say they ensure certain industry standards to protect the public, that is just nonsense, if that was the case how did this whole housing crash come about? The lenders were the chief culprit but many agents were in the business for the quick buck and they are no longer active. It’s the veterans who are still trying to make a living.
    But also realize the large National Brokerage chains are aligned with NAR, so they need to get on-board as well and realize they are being hurt as much as the small brokerage firm. Good luck

  • Alan Shepard says:

    You must be nut’s to raise your fees like this in these economic times. Why don’t you guy’s take a pay cut like us instead. You can also stop paying off lobbyist and politicians. You don’t do much for realtors anyway.

  • Don Meyer says:

    In order to belong to the MLS, it’s REQUIRED that we also pay Street Tax to some guy called the NAR. If there was ever a time for the Government to step in and look at this Monopoly, IT’S NOW. Any Anti-Trust Lawyers out there? This one’s a slam dunk!

  • Jack Feldkamp says:

    You guys at the NAR are trying to emulate Khaddafi. We are the people in the street. If I had an airplane I would fly over your air space!

  • Scott Henderson says:

    We already have to pass a broker test within a year. NOW you want to raise dues, when the market is as bad as it is, this is very BAD TIMING!!!! I am not sure if I can remain being a realtor.

  • Raymond Stauber says:

    Political Survival Initiative? Really? Wow, why haven’t we done this before? What a brilliant new idea. More Money for Politicians. More for the NAR. Then let’s pretend it’s all for us out here in the trenches. Seriously, stop this nonsense. Let’s see that increase—and more — cut out of the NAR “overhead” budget, administative bloat and perks first.

  • Nahrian Michaels says:

    I agree with all these comments from all these Realtors. You should be cutting your budget in any way possilbe not increase our fees even more realtors will leave this biz. You are already getting paid too much, you can find ways to cut some of your expenses + some programs that are not helping any one of us.. Take this off the table we are trying very hard to survive here..

    Nahrain Michaels

  • Jean Cramer says:

    Absolutely ludicrous! In this current environment, more members are giving up their Realtor designation and becoming salespersons. Has it hurt their business? Probably not. I agree that NAR needs to trim their budget first from the top, not automatically raise the dues. You are going to find yourself caught in a Catch-22. Raise the dues, lose members, then raise dues to make up the difference, lose more members……. See the trend here??? I think most of my agents would not care anymore if they are Realtors. Does the public truly understand the difference and will only work with someone who is a Realtor? I don’t think so. The agents simply want to make money to support themselves and their families. Membership is down all over, board support is down. Talk to the local boards and see how they’re doing with their general membership meetings. Dismal turnouts. Raising the dues will NOT help your cause at all!

  • Regina Mortensen says:

    Come on really this is the solution, hit us with an increase?
    Here’s an idea instead of hitting us up for more money, how about looking over your own budget and start eliminating there first.
    After all every Realtor has adjusted their budgets in this very difficult time. So get out of our pockets and stop being greedy and help us turn this industry around.
    Lets hope someone at the NAR who still cares about us Realtor’s takes the time to read our comments.

  • Jim Broline says:


    NAR is no longer in touch with the needs of Realtors.

    Times are tough. Cut staff, reduce fat incomes and move to cheaper offices.

    NAR should be reducing fees, not increasing.

    Maybe NAR’s days are numbered. I see a revolution on the horizon to replace NAR.

    Jim Broline

  • Lin says:

    In agreement with most of the other comments. Out of touch with your own members that are on the front line of time consuming/wasting/frustrating efforts with lower compensation for the investment. This is NOT THE TIME for increases, frankly nor is it the time for schooling upgrades/fees in Illinois. There is no support for all ‘extras’. Many are on ‘survival’ mode, juggling budgets, with higher state taxes for those who choose to remain in Illinois, $4 tanks of gas, and the list goes on and on. We are not out of the woods any time soon. It’s a challenge to stay positive. Cut your budget!

  • Joan Sandrik says:

    NAR President Ron Phipps email address is ron@phippsrealty.com Let him know what you think!

  • Ken Koreba,CRS,GRI,e-PRO says:

    Creative financing 101. Sell the building in Washington for $5,000,000 …There is a vacant Temple in India for rent for 1000 Rupees on a month to month lease. Out source NAR and all calls to India and reduce dues by 50% (NARS math) Our Million members split the Rupee commssion and we can pay our office bills for another month.
    About the same reasoning? NO?

  • Terry Miller says:

    You may know that I am a NAR Director for my company, a Big Broker, Coldwell Banker Bain. I am newly on the 2011 NAR Communication Committee and I have a role and responsibility in educating REALTORS about the upcoming initiative which the NAR Directors will vote on in May at the REALTOR Meeting in WA D.C. I have tried to wade through all of this info (think communication), provided by NAR, WA REALTORS, videos, lots of social media messages and articles and conclude that I am in favor of this $40 increase (which takes our NAR dues from $80 to $120 annually). I agree that the playing field has changed and we deserve to earn the political clout to attempt to get Homeowner’s (and our, of course), political agendas met.

    This is important and it is about increasing the dues and there are lots of conversations floating around and there has been talk of trading the Public Awareness campaign for this Initiative’s $40 a year and I think they are different issues and should not be tied together and to do so only confuses the conversation about the merits of each. I believe both are needed and are BOTH critical to our industry. The Public Awareness Campaign adds value to our members and consumers specifically by helping promote market activity (think tax credits), as well as helping consumers “get” homeownership. NAR says that this campaign has been rated as high as second, just behind advocacy, as a reason members found value in our membership. NAR also says that the cost of the Public Awareness campaign ($35.00 annually), will net more than 8 billion consumer impressions. This is NOT the time to cut back and we all KNOW this—in softer markets we should increase our spending to remind our consumers that we are and we will be there for them in any market—and this is no different but on a grander scale. And, although re-thinking this $35/year campaign has not formally been introduced as far as I know, I do not think we should cut back on this campaign. I recommend we continue to support this, too.

    And, as the EO of Washington REALTORS, Steve Francks says: We can’t sit back and not even try to fight, not even try to have influence. And let’s face it, the monetary price of political involvement has gone up. Way up. Others are playing at that level. Can we afford not to? I say we cannot!

    So, I say yes to this initiative and yes to keeping the Public Awareness Campaign safe and funded. Lastly, I would just like to remind everyone that $40 a year is $3.33/month and the cost (dare I say it), of 1 Latte. I intend to vote YES in May.

    THX for listening.

    Terry Miller, NAR Director

  • Maria says:

    What is it that the Nar does anyway? Really never could figure out too much what they do! I like Bob Canter’s idea…….class action suit!

  • Dennis D says:

    Have you noticed that very few have supported this in their comments….what does that say? In our MLS you do not have to be a Realtor to use the listing service….guess who will no longer be a member…Any thoughts of them cutting expenses like the rest of us have had to do.Realtor’s are suppose to offer excellent customer service…could the NAR offer us some excellent customer service please.

  • Tom Taylor says:

    As members we would like to see the financial breakdown of salaries.

  • FLORENE says:

    I am in Illinois and we are just going to a broker only state. This is huge for us and it is an additional cost to Realtors. This extra cost by NAR could keep many Realtors from renewing. What an awful time to even contemplate an extra charge. We can barely pay the bills we already have.

    Florene Darr

  • PEG FREY says:

    The NAR is as useless and corrupt as the present Government is and because of their constant lobbying they stay in power. What have done Nothing to inprove the lives of Realtors but pleanty to improve their own. The only Political thing thay can do for Realtors is to give us the Vote to Vote them out.

  • I find it amusing that the Real Estate Professionals who do not get involved with their Local, State and National Association on a regular basis find it ok to voice their uneducated opinion. There were a few very good comments on this post. If you really care about your profession, then get involved. I personally love what NAR has done for us. Real Estate is about politics. NAR gets it. Thank you to all my fellow Directors and committee people who make day to day decisions that keep me in business. JoAnn Sworan, Director Main Street Organization of Realtors. http://www.SucceedwithMore.com and Director/Secretary http://www.NACSO.org, President Real Estate CSO

  • Rob Green says:

    “Existing-Home Sales to Trend Up in 2008” — Headline of a National Association of Realtors press release, Dec. 9, 2007

    Only an idiot would continue to send money to NAR.

    The MLS info is out there for everyone to see without having a broker.
    NAR is stealing your money.

  • Polly says:

    My biggest disappointment as a member of NAR for 28 years is that throughout this struggling economy NAR has not made any effort to promote the value and worth of its membership to the public through the media. Nor have I noted any comments in the media on behalf of its members who are independent contractors with regard to how Realtors have been negatively impacted by the housing market, yet are not considered among those who are suffering in today’s troubled economy.

    The past four years would have been an ideal time, in my opinion, for NAR to demonstrate its value to its hardworking members and appear before Congress and the media in an attempt to get our elected officials to more seriously address the housing market and the banking industry on behalf of homeowners and Realtors throughout America.

    My understanding throughout my career is that NAR is one of the wealthiest associations in America. I have no doubt that any increase in dues,will result in many agents who are suffering economically getting out of the business.

    In conclusion, I ask the NAR to speak out on behalf of their membership, one of the hardest working professionals in the nation…by doing so, NAR can benefit its members by promoting their value to the general public.

    I personally am not concerned about the increase…I would, however, like to see more effort on the part of NAR in promoting the worth of its members publically through published and televised media.

  • Mike Patton says:

    JoAnn- I find it absolutely amazing that nearly 99% of the respondents on this board are against NAR’s dues increase, and you think that’s amusing. Must be nice being Queen, otherwise you’d listen to your members.

    Numerous large scale national economic catastrophies have ocurred during my 25 years in the business and NAR was around the entire time. NAR doesn’t have as much influence as it thinks and it’s a joke that they give so much of our money away to many of the same politicians who have reeked havoc on our economic system.

    I can NEVER remember ever being asked by NAR what I felt about a particular issue, yet I constantly see all sorts of NAR press releases that tout an official position of its members.

    Do you actually think that NAR members would have chosen to have their MLS data sold away so that we no longer control that valuable asseet? We should be earning money on that data that we supply rather than being charged for selling it.

    NAR has a monopoly on the real estate industry and it’s about time that someone looks into it. Sure, there are plenty of folks in rural areas of this country who are not members, but when you look at the areas where the sales are ocurring you pretty much have to be a NAR member in order to get MLS access.

  • tom rebarchak says:

    When the going gets tough one can always count on NAR union dues increasing to help support the “Union Leaders” ideals. When is spending less going to be the mind set of this industry. Maybe opting to ask for the publishing of the NAR leaders salarys and their benifits is in order. Maybe they should take less for an an example. NAR leaders act like they are the “Government”!!!

  • Wayne says:

    Ditto with all of these comments. I guess the NAR thinks they should emulate the present ‘spend thrift’ government. Why heck, if you can’t meet your bills or BUY that MULTI MILLION dollar building in downtown Chicago ‘for the future’ why, these rich real estate agents should cough up more.

    Hey NAR how about going after the relocation companies and getting us more than a 50% commission to split with our real estate firms?
    We get tired of working for 25% of the commission.
    CAn’t you go after them on Anti-Trust grounds? They ARE price fixing.

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