Are You the Problem?

by Chicago Agent

Are you acting with the highest standards of professionalism? Read this guide to find out if you are, in fact, the problem other agents are complaining about.

Are you responsive to other agents? This is the number one complaint agents have about working with other agents. Realtors who value their clients as well as the agents they are working with should promptly return calls. No time? Some agents hire an assistant or two to make sure all calls are handled efficiently and that every client is well taken care of.

Do you hide information from your clients or other agents? There’s a debate as to whether omitting information is lying or not, but one thing is clear: hiding information from clients and agents will always make you look unprofessional, not to mention sneaky. Whether the information is small or big, be up front about everything with everyone, because more than likely, whatever it is you’re not divulging will come out eventually (like faulty water pipes. See Bob Williams’ case study).

Do you disregard rules because you’re in a rush? If a listing has certain stipulations – like 24-hour notice is required before showings – respect those rules. Chances are, there’s a good reason for the rules – for instance, the homeowners need time to tidy up their home or drop a pet off at a neighbor’s to get ready for a showing – and abiding by them can only help gain the respect of the selling agent and help close a deal.

Is being an agent your second job? The best real estate agents are those who make their living selling homes. They’re motivated to do the best job they can because this is their sole income and they won’t be able to eat or pay their bills if they don’t do their job well. Those who work in real estate only as a second job have a higher risk of lack of motivation and the time commitment necessary to sell a home or give clients and other agents the attention deserved. If you are a “part-time” Realtor, you may want to consider taking on fewer clients to give each of them the attention they deserve to help them buy or sell a home, and don’t forget to be available to the other agents you work with!

Are you certified with a national realty organization? An unprofessional agent will buy or sell homes without joining a national realty organization or two. These organizations have a strict code of ethics and it’s suspicious if an agent doesn’t join such an organization. Make sure to get certified for at least one!

Are you current with market trends and educated about different transactions? To show you are a professional, you must also show you are an expert – keeping up to date with what is going on in the market currently and how to handle different transactions, from short sales to foreclosures to new construction will mean you’ll be better prepared should you handle any of these transactions. An easy fix for that: read Chicago Agent!

Do you look the part for showings? This doesn’t necessarily mean dressed to the nines for each showing, but dressing appropriately for the showing and the client. Showing a condo at Trump? You’d better be dressed professionally. Showing a townhome in Wicker Park? A more casual dress will suffice here. But the bottom line is to be well-groomed, because looking sloppy – messy hair and a disheveled appearance – will cancel out your choice in clothing.

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  • Greg Viti says:

    I had a showing last week where the listing agent (who had the listing for over 4 months) knew nothing about the buliding as far as reserve, fees, lawsuits, policy…. come on agents we have to have some answers….

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