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by Chicago Agent

Unfortunately for the real estate industry, a number of recent events have been giving lenders a bad name. Robo-signing, fraud, etc., are all making it more difficult for buyers and sellers to trust those that are working hard to keep our industry moving forward.

For every robo-signing incident you read about in the news, there are thousands of deals getting done that don’t get any press. We don’t hear about the lenders who are working long hours and cutting their own commissions to ensure that a client is able to get into a new home. Instead, the news that emerges is always negative.

In these volatile times, of course it’s good to be careful, but on the whole the industry must band together to follow the appropriate laws and make deals happen.  It’s also another example of why working with a trusted lending partner on a regular basis is vital to your business. There will be deals that your lender won’t be involved in, and it’s equally as important to understand this and be flexible, but overall, having a trusted lender in your working sphere is an invaluable tool and resource.

In our cover story, we’ve asked a number of lenders to answer a question posed by a Realtor they work with often. The story highlights lending questions that our readers have encountered, while also shedding light on how important it really is to work with a lender that you can turn to in a time of need.

All lenders are not created equal, and lending companies offer different specialized loans that will appeal to different clients. Though you should have a reliable lender you can count on, it’s also worth it to see if perhaps another company can offer your client a loan that will help finalize a deal. In many cases, your lending partner will volunteer information about a loan available at another mortgage brokerage because they trust the relationship, and know that you’ll be sending another client their way again soon.

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