You Scratch My Back, I Scratch Yours

by Chicago Agent

When I heard the topic for this issue was the Agents’ Little Black Book I got a little scared. If you saw all the names in my black book your head might spin, and a lot of people would get into a lot of trouble. But then, I realized CA meant a little address book, not a book to take note of indiscretions. Frankly, my book would be a lot more interesting, but I understand taking the safe route.

My little book of affiliates, however, is filled to the rim with the names of magical people that do all the work I’m happy that I don’t have to do. I’m good at selling homes to people – that is how I make the big bucks. All that other stuff like making the home look good and detailed loan information, I leave that to the experts. It doesn’t hurt that many of these experts like to hand out free tickets to sporting events from time to time or other lovely perks like fixing my busted toilet for free – thanks again Bill! In more ways than one, this issue is all about you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours – my motto for the industry.

Lots of fun events these past two weeks, which isn’t always the case. First off, CA had their Who’s Who Party on June 8 at Elate in Hotel Felix. The snacks were a bit hard to find, but the drinks were easy to spot. Some big names were in the room that I rubbed elbows with, even if they didn’t know that’s what I was doing. The party continued well after 6pm, and a group headed off to Tavern on Rush to drop some big dough.

The very next day, somehow people were able to dust off the hangover and head to the south side for a golf outing hosted by MORe and CAR. It was a hot and sunny one, and the beverages at the CA hole were a big hit. I’m guessing the short skirts didn’t hurt anything, either. Other holes raised money for the Emergency Fund and other charities, but providing beverages is an important service as well.

June 16 was a big day, as CAR held their Member Outreach event with Freddie Mac in the morning while in the evening WCR had an all-male panel discuss the economy and accuse people of not being man enough to join their organization. Since both events covered the economy, I enjoyed a solid nap at each.

I forgot to mention in our last issue that Prairie Shore Properties celebrated their new Evanston office with an open house. It was so long ago I can barely remember what happened but I’m sure it was great.

I’ve got movers and shakers for you: Andy M. Shiparski who was a top producer with @properties is now the Gold Coast office manager for Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage. Also, Richard Casey (no relation to Casey at the Bat) joined Keller Williams.

In addition to this week’s birthdays, I’d like to announce that our senior editor has finally stopped living in sin and got hitched on June 6. Congrats to the newlyweds Jeff and Zipporah! The whole CA crowd (and a few blasts from the past) headed to the South Shore Cultural Center to witness the orange (natch) yarmulkes and chair-lifting fun. In case you were wondering, she really did enter the reception to the Illini marching band’s version of Illinois Loyalty.

Now for a ton of bdays: Jody Kelly celebrated June 11, and perhaps Dave Hanna and Mabel Guzman had a party on June 17 together. Jennifer Leong ate cake on June 19, and David Valley should have some today on June 21. Gladstone’s marketing guru Aimee Babcock will celebrate on June 28 and Rich Rogala might see fireworks on July 3.

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