Nyan Tucker, Associate

by Chicago Agent

Camelot Realty

Number of years in real estate:
About five years

Describe your look:
My look is relaxed and classic with a fun, modern sensibility.

Fashion don’t:
A short-sleeve dress shirt

Favorite Piece of clothing and why:
My favorite piece of clothing is my Earnest Sewn jeans. I think it is next to impossible to find jeans that fit great and luckily I have finally found the ones for me. These jeans don’t have much articulation anywhere and they are easy to dress up or down.

Fashion crime I committed in the past:
I was one of the first kids in my high school to have “cool” new dress shoes. They were brown oxfords with a red see-through jelly sole.

Where are you favorite places to shop:
Barneys CO-OP and Armani Exchange

What things besides wardrobe complete your look?: First of all, my shaved head. It’s nice to be able to get up in the morning and shampoo with the same product I use on my face. The right choice of cologne for the season also helps pull everything together, assuming it is understated. Last, but most important, is just feeling comfortable in your own skin. Confidence is something I think comes across loud and clear, whether you are sporting the perfect Prada suit or a great fitting pairs of Levi’s.

Cashmere sweater-Paulo Mondo
Dress shirt-Ralph Lauren
Jeans-Earnest Sewn
Socks-Banana Republic

A special thanks to X/O Condominiums for providing us with their sales center for the photo shoot.

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