Leticia Andrade, Real Estate Advisor

Fulton Grace Realty


Known for her contagious energy and go-getter attitude, Leticia Andrade is an award-winning agent with a passion for putting families in their forever homes. Born and raised in the best city in the world—Chicago—she says each of the city’s 77 neighborhoods has something special to offer, and they’re all forever changing. “That’s exciting to me,” she says. “It gives me the opportunity to teach others coming to Chicago for the first time. The culture and diversity in every Chicago neighborhood and suburb are things I love to share with my clients and continue to learn about.”

Growing up, Andrade’s family always rented. “It seemed like either every year or every other year, we were moving into a new apartment,” she recalls. “I hated renting. My motivation was to one day secure a home for my family—a forever home me and my brother could come back to.” Today, Andrade is passionate about breaking the renter cycle and teaching clients about living abundant lives as homeowners.

Prior to realizing her potential as a real estate agent, Andrade worked as a loan processor. The experience provided invaluable experience that sets her apart from other agents. “Experience does matter. It’s helped me negotiate tough deals,” she says. “We have a win-win negotiation mindset that is appealing to all sides.”

She is passionate about leading a Homeless Outreach Team since 2017, serving her “Friends on the Street” with food and supplies on the third Saturday of each month. She encourages others to spread love, hope and kindness to those in need. “These are the success stories that help me stay focused on growing our outreach team and to continue giving back to all the 77 Chicago neighborhood areas,” she says.

At the end of the day, Andrade is a kind-hearted person who truly cares about the people she serves. “Real estate is all about helping people realize their potential by getting them and their family into the home of their dreams,” she says. “This is a selfless job, and I play a very important role in teaching my community how to change the legacy of their family’s life.”

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