Tracy Sorge, Certified Mortgage Advisor

Wintrust Mortgage

It was nearly three decades ago that Tracy Sorge, a certified mortgage advisor with Wintrust Mortgage, was pursuing a degree in HR management while working at a bank. In 1992, a little bored and ready for a change, she decided to “try processing” — and that was the end of that. Now 29 years into her storied career, Sorge works with borrowers of every walk of life and loves her job.

“Clients say I’m easy to work with and that with me, they have a friend in their corner,” Sorge says. “I’m always responsive to them, because I have their best interests at heart.” Working alongside her team as one entity, she makes sure that her clients don’t feel “passed around,” but rather, like they have a guide through every step of the process. Winner of the 2020 President’s Circle award at Wintrust (take that, pandemic!) and the 2021 Scotsman Top Originator designation, Sorge says awards are nice but the best award she gets is the sincere gratitude from happy clients and their referral of friends, family and colleagues.

“My ability to connect with them makes a lasting impression,” she says. “I truly care about their lives, families and passions, because that helps me understand the path they are on throughout the mortgage process.” And she brings a good dose of humor to a stressful process, keeping things light but always staying prepared. “I often joke around, ‘Let’s prepare for three root canals and hope for none,’” she remarks, “meaning, let’s be overprepared but hopefully not need it.”

In the past year, Sorge has set out to complete her bachelor’s degree, a goal she set for herself when she had her children. In addition, her family is preparing for their 12th annual St. Baldrick’s event this August at Pollyanna Brewing Company in Roselle. “I truly advocate for my clients,” she insists. “I never lose sight of them, regardless of the world around us.”

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