Svitlana Creadon, Real Estate Broker


When a project is having a tough time selling, it’s Svitlana Creadon’s moment to shine. In fact, it’s how Creadon, a real estate broker with Compass, launched her real estate career. “My career as a Realtor began with a challenge,” she shares. “One of my dear friends was a builder, who asked me to take over a project that they were having difficulty selling.” Thanks to her strategic marketing strategy and creative approach, the property sold in no time.

With a niche in construction, Creadon has a personal passion for the industry. Her fascination with architecture and construction led her to be involved at every stage of the process, including working with architects and attending community meetings.

Creativity and hard work are the secrets to Creadon’s success. She prides herself on her seven day work week, quick response time and detail-oriented approach. Her ability to come up with strategies to solve difficult tasks make her invaluable to her clients throughout the real estate process. Creadon’s creativity shines through in her ability to create innovative marketing strategies and even lends her design advice to the project. Her hands-on involvement means she is incredibly knowledgeable about every project she lists. “Clients call me deals on heels,” she says.

When Creadon is selling homes, she is committed to ensuring every client has a great experience. “ I’m not just selling my brand, but the builder’s as well,” she explains. This commitment is also her secret to growing her business. “I am originally from Ukraine and happened to know a lot of Ukrainian builders. Most of my clients come from referrals from these relationships.”

When Creadon isn’t working with clients, she can be found volunteering at St. Clement Church and the Greater Chicago Food Depository, as well as horseback riding, playing tennis and going on long walks to explore different neighborhoods. Creadon is also a member of the Chicago Association of Realtors.

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