Maria Devins, Real Estate Broker

Baird & Warner


When she and her husband had a terrible experience purchasing their first home, Maria Devins decided she wanted to make a difference and took up real estate herself. As a real estate broker, Devins knows how hard people work to own a home and she strives to ensure that her clients are never left disappointed and upset like she was.

“My clients should be thrilled, excited and confident they made the right decision,” Devins says. “What happened to me and my husband when we bought our first home is no way any new homeowner should start. It should be about walking into your home and exhaling that you are in a place of joy, comfort and peace.”

With almost 15 years of experience in the industry, Devins proactively aims to protect her clients and takes time to explain every step of the process to them, from inspections and appraisals to attorneys and analyzing statistics. She lives to serve her clients, not even letting severe pneumonia (which she had last year) stop her from working for them.

Devins’ clients tell her they can always count on her to find a solution and admire her accuracy, knowledge and attention to detail. “Everything I do for my clients, I put in 100% and beyond. My word and my work are everything, and the peace of mind I give my clients is absolutely priceless,” she says. They tell her she’s earned their trust and many of them deem her as their “broker for life.”
Devins’s generous nature is also displayed in her charity work. She’s involved with Realtors Against Homelessness and Jellystone Rescue Rangers, a rescue adoption organization for dogs.

“I’m extremely grateful for my life, my wonderful husband of 32 years, my three beautiful children, my family, my friends and my clients who have given me the opportunity to become a part of their lives beyond the transaction,” she declares. “Life is far better when your heart is grateful and full of love and kindness. Thankful that my cup runneth over.”

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