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Kara Moll

Kourtney Piotrowski

Mark Kuntz

MPG – Moll Piotrowski Group at Keller Williams ONEChicago has helped more than 1,000 Chicagoland families with their move across the Chicago metro area, and their clients are completely by referral. “Our clients and their referrals understand that geography doesn’t matter — results matter,” according to MPG founder Kara Moll, her daughter Kourtney Piotrowski, and her husband Mark Kuntz.

Kuntz was a successful mortgage broker, and Moll was a former commercial lender and marketing executive. Together, they began investing in real estate. While Moll’s motivation for getting a real estate license was to personally buy and sell, the reality was she fell in love with helping people achieve their real estate goals and dreams. She was joined by her daughter, after Piotrowski graduated from FIDM in Los Angeles and spent some time styling celebrities for photoshoots. Kuntz joined a few years later.

Eighteen years and thousands of transactions later, there isn’t much the MPG team hasn’t seen. Surviving real estate crashes and distressed markets, Moll maneuvered the business to emerge successfully by pivoting and mastering the market of the moment. “MPG thrived during the COVID-19 pandemic utilizing Zoom for appointments and virtual open houses and Facebook Live videos,” Moll says. “It’s a trend our clients still love for its convenience.”

Moll is a business coach for Keller Williams MAPS Coaching, working regularly with 50 coaching clients. Her interactions in that role position her to identify market trends that she uses to help set the direction for the MPG team.

According to Moll, a listing appointment is no different than a coaching call. “By zeroing in on what is important to clients and truly listening to them, we develop a realistic solution to their goals,” she says.

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