Gabriel Gomez, Home Lending Advisor

Chase Bank

With just over five years of experience as a loan officer, on top of another seven as a bank branch manager, Gabriel Gomez still finds it hard to believe that after immigrating to this country with only $5 in his pocket, he’s able to lend millions of dollars a year to homebuyers. “This is truly the American dream,” he effuses, “and I live it every day with every one of my clients.”

Gomez’s prior career as a retail branch manager at Chase Bank aided him significantly when he segued to home lending. He loves using his past experience in his new role, as well as connecting with clients and referral partners. Those experiences have made him appreciate all the work his team does to make him look good. “It’s not me,” he insists. “It is them!”

A member of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, Gomez has ranked among the organization’s top 250 mortgage producers in the Latino community for two years in a row. “This is so unreal for me, being a top Latino mortgage producer in the whole country,” he shares. “Something to really be proud of and that continues to motivate to do more and help more people.”

Passionate about customer service, Gomez works tirelessly to get the best deal for his clients. “Not only do I fight with them, but also cry with them and jump for joy with them,” he relates. “Whatever the scenarios is, I am in it 150% with my clients to get them into their dream homes.”

Gomez loves spending time with his family and friends now more than ever. “This crazy year has definitely put things into a more clear perspective,” he says, “and I am excited for what’s to come and to spend it with the people that matter to me.” He adds that he can’t wait to get back to everyday activities like eating out and going to watch a game with friends and family.

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