David Weinberg, Senior Vice President of Mortgage Lending

Proper Rate


Experience is the key to a successful transaction, and David Weinberg has more than 25 years of it. “I have worked with thousands of people and families and have seen countless scenarios and complexities,” says Weinberg, senior vice president of mortgage lending with Proper Rate.

Before he worked in lending, Weinberg was a floor clerk and trader at the Chicago Board of Trade. “The fast pace, quick problem-solving and managing of stress have all been very helpful in the mortgage business,” he shares.

When preparing clients for the mortgage process, Weinberg wants them to think about budget — how much money they are comfortable spending on the down payment and putting toward a mortgage each month. He also lets them know that just because a lender can offer them more money does not mean they should take it. “For most of my clients, a home purchase is the largest asset in their lives, and a mortgage is the largest debt they will ever have,” he says. “Connecting and listening is super important to make sure we are setting them up for success.”

Clients always compliment his team’s consistent communication, personal attention and service. Weinberg works with a sales assistant, a marketing assistant, a pipeline manager, a mortgage coordinator, a loan coordinator, underwriters and a closing team, all of whom help get loans to the closing table quickly and smoothly. The vast majority of his clients come from Realtors and referrals from past clients, a testament to his work and how he treats those whom he serves.

“A person’s home is the centerpiece of their life, and that is true for me, as well,” says Weinberg. “Home is where you make memories, where you laugh, where you cry, where you celebrate and solve problems. I love being involved in that part of a person’s or family’s life and helping to create that memory or helping to solve a problem or challenge.”

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