Dan Gjeldum, Senior Vice President

Guaranteed Rate

When it comes to securing a new mortgage, borrowers need to know their lender means business. That’s precisely what you get with Dan Gjeldum as your lender. “Frankly, we don’t mess around. Our borrowers know what’s expected of them at the time of application, which allows us to close loans more efficiently than others,” Gjeldum says. “If a mortgage lender doesn’t prepare for underwriting ahead of time, they’re always playing from behind. That’s not how we have built our business.”

Gjeldum is a senior vice president at Guaranteed Rate, and his team works tirelessly to streamline the lending process for clients throughout Chicagoland. He takes great pride in his business style being one of trust and says his team is unwaveringly dedicated to their clients. “Over the last 18 months, the biggest accomplishment was our team’s focus on delivering superior customer service while dealing with record volume, which more than doubled,” Gjeldum says proudly.

Clients describe Gjeldum as a true expert in his field and recognize his team’s focus on knowing the ins and outs of underwriting guidelines, which allows them to save deals that others have denied. “At Guaranteed Rate, each person involved in the process is the expert in their defined role,” Gjeldum says. “Trusting that my teammates will perform allows us all to simply do our jobs free from someone looking over our shoulders.”

After his 25 years in the industry, Guaranteed Rate has recognized Gjeldum in its Chairman’s Circle, an award for originators who close more than $100 million, numerous times. In 2020, he helped 739 families with their mortgage financing for more than $346 million in volume, and as of July 15, had helped 457 families for more than $262 million in volume. Both of those figures put Gjeldum in the Top 100 mortgage professionals in America.

“Over the last 15 years, my business has transitioned from solely local Realtor partners to working with financial advisors, Realtors and past clients on a national scope. I have been working with some Chicago agents since basically day one in the business!” Gjeldum exclaims. “Over the last six or seven years, I have really solidified relationships with mega-producing agents in both Chicago and the suburbs.”

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