Charese Team


Charese David, Broker

MaryJo Nathan, Broker

Jenny Flynn, Broker

For the past 17 years, Chicago real estate broker Charese David has helped her clients in every aspect of real estate — buying, selling, renovating and just about anything else that pertains to owning or renting property in Chicago and the suburbs.

After moving to Compass in 2019, David started the Charese Team, where David, Mary Jo Nathan and Jenny Flynn use their expertise to guide, educate and counsel clients on all their real estate needs. “It’s more than just a transaction,” says David. “It’s a relationship and the trust you build with each other.”

With her creative vision, David walks into a home and immediately notes the intimate design and architectural nuances that the average person may miss. “I know that home has to feel a certain way to a buyer,” says David, noting that she always has a vision of how a home can be improved. “Small changes create just the right look and feel to capture the right buyer. The seller is usually too close to their environment to see it.”

David loves to bring an element of levity and humor to the process. “If the client is having fun, then they don’t feel quite as stressed with this huge process that can be so overwhelming,” she remarks. “It’s all part of building that important relationship.”

“Because of my team, I am able to handle more clients,” she says, noting that collaboration is key to being the best you can be for your clients. “We know how important it is to really listen to our clients and communicate clearly.”

David is consistently named a Chicago Agent top producer and has also received Five Star Professional Realtor awards for years. This is her third year being featured in the Chicago Agent’s Who’s Who list. Outside of work, she is passionate about animals and has been a strong supporter of various dog shelters. She also spends time working on photography and music and has a love of traveling.

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