Tony Abazi, Senior Mortgage Loan Officer

Neighborhood Loans

Recruited into the real estate industry while he was still in college, Tony Abazi has spent nearly 20 years helping clients fulfill the American dream. “When we bought our first home in 2000, it caused a lot of uncertainty and worry for my family and me, and I never want another family to go through what we did,” Abazi says. “I find great joy in helping clients, friends and family meet their needs, and I have no plans on stopping anytime soon.”

Known for his integrity, honesty and loyalty, Abazi strives to under-promise and over-deliver for his clients, which continues to pay off. He has never spent any money on marketing, and instead enjoys a robust client list that stems from past client referrals, friends, family, and a large network of industry and community connections. “I am always available to help my clients throughout the process,” Abazi says. “No matter what time or day, I want to make sure my clients feel cared for like they’re family.”

Leading a team of four, Abazi trusts, respects and supports each member of his group. “We are a team with no egos or titles,” Abazi says. “We have just one objective: to help our clients achieve their dreams.” Helping clients achieve their dreams has led to several successes. Last year, Abazi tripled his business, and in 2015, he was ranked by TV ILIRET Chicago as one of the city’s top 10 young Albanian businesspeople.

A member of the Albanian Stars soccer team, Abazi is an avid lover of the sport, and he actively shares that passion with his two sons, Foli and Artin. When he’s not out on the soccer field, playing with his two boys or at home with his loving wife, he can often be found volunteering at numerous charities, with a special focus on the McHenry County and Albanian communities.

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