Phil Byers, Realtor and Broker

Compass Real Estate

For Phil Byers, helping clients understand their assets and make good decisions is the most compelling part of the real estate process. A seasoned professional with 17 years of experience, Byers is a Realtor and broker managing his own team out of Compass Chicago. With expertise in single-family homes and condominiums on Chicago’s North Side, Byers is adept at retaining his clients as they grow from first-time homebuyers to seasoned sellers to those looking to move into luxury and investment properties.

With a background in health care systems consulting, Byers became interested in real estate after buying a property with his wife and realizing he could do a phenomenal job serving clients looking to do the same. Armed with 25 years of experience living and working in Chicago, Byers found his love for the city has continued to grow ever since he made the transition into the industry. “One of the things I love about real estate is how much you learn about your city, the people and what they value. Just being in the business alone has taught me so much about my market — and the city in general — over the years,” he says.

Byers has been recognized as a high-level producer among the top 1% of members at the Chicago Association of Realtors consistently since 2012. He focuses on setting expectations for clients at every step of the process and making sure they understand the lay of the land — from optimal strategy and timing to potential opportunities and challenges. “Once you’ve done enough business, you can look at a building or a house or a layout and just know how it’s going to go and where the challenges are,” he says. “When you have that experience, you can counsel your clients extremely well.”

Outside of work, Byers focuses on his love of art and culture, perfecting his piano skills and collecting vintage Star Wars toys.

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