Patrick “PR” Ryan, Owner and Designated Broker

Genuine Real Estate Corp.

Described so many times by clients as “genuine,” Patrick “PR” Ryan saw it fitting to name his brokerage Genuine Real Estate Corp. The firm specializes in new-construction development, sales and marketing as well as client advisory services in downtown Chicago.

He worked in multiple sales and management positions in transportation, pharma, design and technology prior to real estate. “It helped tremendously that I received structured sales training and was involved in the technology sector before entering real estate,” he says. In 2004, recently divorced and performing at Second City and small theaters around Chicago, he sought a career in which he could use his strong sales background to earn a good living as well as control his schedule to keep his oldest daughter’s life the main priority. This strong “why” ensured success in real estate.

His move into real estate was serendipitous: One co-founder of @properties, Mike Golden, was his next-door neighbor, and the other, Thad Wong, his agent. “I started at @properties, selling over 30 condo conversions and new-construction developments throughout downtown,” he says.

Education and experience set him apart. An active member of and speaker for The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, he has also been certified in negotiation by Harvard and is an invited member of Realm Global. “I’ve learned from some of the best: My father was a great salesman who taught me the power of personal relationships and caring for clients,” he says. “Being on and managing sales teams was a tremendous learning experience. Everything I learned from working directly with some of the greatest minds in real estate — particularly Thad and Mike; Curt Bailey, Don Biernacki, Tricia Van Horn and Sherry Tobak at Related; and Jim Walberg of The Bay Area Team — is now of great value to my clients.”

He donates a portion of his commissions to Lurie Children’s Regenstein unit. “The more successful my clients are, the more I can make an impact on the hospital and my amazing cardiologist wife’s work there,” he says. “This drives me.”

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