Mayra O. Rubio, Senior Mortgage Loan Officer

Neighborhood Loans

Most of Mayra O. Rubio’s clients are in disbelief that homeownership is even a possibility. They are proud and elated when she shows them otherwise. “I love to witness people’s dreams come true, and just to be a part of making it happen is a reward in itself for me,” says Rubio, a senior mortgage loan officer with Neighborhood Loans. To her, the work is not just about closing another deal. “It’s about impacting lives,” she says, “and keeping those clients as loyal supporters.”

Rubio is a 2019 Five Star Professional, an award she received after being nominated by past clients. She was also ranked a 2016 top agent by Top Agent Magazine and is co-author of the book “Today’s Inspired Latina: Volume II.”

“I treat all my clients like family,” says Rubio. “But certain cases really touch my heart.” She recently assisted a young millennial in dire need of helping her family. “Her father walked out and left the family with nothing,” she recalls. “Because of her age and fairly recent entrance into the workforce, she didn’t think buying a home was even a possibility.” But

Rubio guided her through the process, found her an agent and got her loan approved with flying colors. “She is now a very proud homeowner and continues to help her mom and family move ahead in life,” she says. “Cases like these make me feel like I am making a difference.”

Rubio has her own inspiring story to tell. After graduating from high school, she started working at LaSalle Bank, and at age 19, she purchased her first home.
Rubio found that living through the last market downturn was a blessing in disguise. “In October of 2008, I obtained my Series 7 license the moment the market crashed,” she recalls. “The challenging times and markets I experienced throughout my career have made me a much more knowledgeable and trusted adviser.”

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