Donnie Bernacchi, Senior Mortgage Banker and Sales Manager

Neighborhood Loans

For Donnie Bernacchi, real estate truly is a family business. “It’s in my blood,” Bernacchi says. “My mother is a real estate broker, my sister is a real estate agent, my brother-in-law is a mortgage banker, and I have cousins who work in compliance and financial management. I’m not sure if I’ve had a family event over the years where a mortgage-related word or initialism hasn’t been spoken by someone.”

Bernacchi, who launched his real estate career as soon as he completed college, has been in the industry for 13 years. He has also worked on the operations end of the business for more than six years. “I’m a bit of a hybrid,” Bernacchi says. “I’ve implemented and overseen processes such as secondary, compliance, investor relations, sales, closing and post-closing over the years.”

A team leader, Bernacchi is proud of his branch and company, and thankful to be surrounded by an earnest, results-driven team. “My team and I continue to surpass our previous record-breaking volume, and it’s a result of the care and focus we bring to our clients,” he says. “I’m also really proud to be part of the effort in our industry to embrace, react and evolve through a difficult time in our country.”

Known as personable, timely and accessible, Bernacchi believes in asking the right questions to ensure that he situates his clients in a rate and program that align properly with their goals. He offers a number of different loan types, including conforming, jumbo, FHA, VA and renovation, as well as services in down payment assistance, purchasing and refinancing.

With a large network of family, friends and clients — along with strong relationships with Realtors and other industry professionals — Bernacchi gets the majority of his business from referrals.

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