Heather J. Keller, Team Lead, The Keller Group

Broker Associate, KW Inspire

In 2006, Heather J. Keller left her hometown in Michigan for Chicago to pursue a career in the mortgage industry. As fate would have it, she met her husband at work. However, she wasn’t involved in the industry long before it tanked. When the couple could no longer put together financing deals, they left their corporate jobs to start a business focused on short sales since the term kept coming up at work.

“Starting out in 2007, we knew nothing,” says Keller. “We had to teach ourselves the entire process.”

She learned and in 2020 moved from Charles Rutenberg Realty to KW Inspire because she longed for a new challenge. Agreeing with author Bryant McGill that whatever makes you uncomfortable is your biggest opportunity for growth, Keller notes she’s still challenging herself. “It’s still super exciting to me. My business has already grown tremendously, and I started my own radio show, ‘Real Talk,’” she says.

The Keller Group handles short sales in all of Chicagoland, as well as traditional listings in Kane County. “Whether it’s a short sale, traditional sale or buyer, I always have a task list for myself and my team,” says Keller. “Processes help us stay on track and organized throughout the entire transaction.” The system also enables them to handle from 30 to 40 short sales at once. To make sure clients understand the process, she gives them the book she wrote about it titled “The Complete Guide to Selling Your Home as a Short Sale.”

A member of the Chicago Association of Realtors, Keller was a 2020 featured agent in Top Agent magazine and has achieved countless top-producer individual and team rankings at CAR.

Truly driven to help homeowners reach the next chapter in their lives, Keller shows them that there is life after a short sale. In the past 13 years, she has learned that you can’t change situations that have already happened, but you can adjust your attitude.

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