Darren Allen, Real Estate Broker

Fulton Grace Realty

Though he has spent only two years in the real estate industry, Darren Allen is already making a name for himself. Since switching careers, he has used the “get-it-done” mindset he previously developed as an entrepreneur to truly change the lives of his clients.

A real estate broker for Fulton Grace Realty, Allen works with clients throughout the North Shore, teaming up primarily with first-time, relocation and veteran buyers. Prior to entering the real estate industry, he owned a biomedical services company that contracted directly with hospitals across the country. Yet when he bought his second home, Allen realized how much he enjoyed the process. From there, he decided to get his own license and dive right in.

Allen is exceptionally skilled with technology, and he uses the latest tools to assist his clients. At the end of the day, though, it’s his ability to connect authentically with people that earns him business. No matter what type of client, Allen encourages questions and tries to eliminate any surprises that might come up along the way. Throughout the entire transaction process, Allen’s clients know they can rely on him to be available to address any concerns they might have. He puts a high emphasis on building trust, and it shows in the strong relationships he has built so far. “I’ve worked for myself during most of my career inside and out of real estate, so I’m trained to take that Sunday night call,” he says.

Allen has already proved he’s capable of exceeding any objective placed before him. He set a goal of $6 million in sales in his first year, but he ended up closer to $8 million. In fact, the Chicago Association of Realtors recognized Allen as a top producer for 2019. He’s also already on track to hit his goal of $14 million for 2020.

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