Dan Gjeldum, Senior Vice President

Guaranteed Rate

Growing up, Dan Gjeldum didn’t envision a career in the mortgage industry. Yet the most successful professionals often find their way into their dream field by chance, and Gjeldum is no exception.

For Gjeldum, a fateful string of social connections led him to develop an initial interest in real estate. “While this sounds like it should have been in Ferris Bueller, I got into the business when a friend’s girlfriend’s sister was married to a guy whose friend owned a mortgage company,” he says. Today, he is a senior vice president at Guaranteed Rate, and his team works tirelessly to streamline the lending process for clients throughout Chicagoland.

Gjeldum and his team understand that taking client feedback seriously makes all the difference in building excellent relationships. This year, Gjeldum was incredibly proud of his team for its ability to navigate the volatility of mortgage rates throughout the month of March, all while successfully catering to clients’ needs. “Our team did not waver in our approach, and we have seen our production numbers achieve levels I would never have imagined possible while never allowing a client to feel like they didn’t have 100% of our team’s attention,” he says.

Guaranteed Rate has recognized Gjeldum in its Chairman’s Circle, an award for originators who close more than $100 million, for eight out of nine years. He credits much of his success to his innate ability to actively listen, both to the borrowers with whom he works and to his team. Listening, in fact, is the quality he looks for most in his own associates. “Clients come to us knowing that they are working with the best in the business,” he says. “They will receive sound and honest advice coupled with a team that, from top to bottom, cares.”

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