Patrick Keough, Home Lending Officer

Larry Spain, Home Lending Officer

Fritz Julien, Producing Lending Manager

Staying detail oriented while making the mortgage lending process easy is a juggling act the team at Citibank has perfected. Lending producer Fritz Julien and home lending officers Patrick Keough and Larry Spain collectively bring 35 years of experience to their clients. Easily accessible throughout the transaction process, they put clients at ease, listening closely to ensure they are meeting their clients’ needs and matching them with the most suitable loan product.

“Clients say I make a complex transactions stress-free,” says Julien. “They love knowing where they are in the process at all times.” Clients say the same of Keough, who ranks in the top 15% of home loan officers at Citibank, and Spain, a recipient of the bank’s Chi Stars award, given to the top 1% of home loan officers in the industry. “My clients may only go through this process once in their lifetime,” Keough says. “I deliver a seamless process and set great expectations early.”

Even when he is out of the office, Spain stays connected to his clients. “I value the trust clients have in me,” he says. A proud moment for him came last year, helping a client who never thought she would be able to achieve homeownership. While it’s exciting to quickly find the best loan for an affluent client’s sought-after property, he loves helping first-time homebuyers achieve their dreams.

Well suited for the industry, Julien was a telephone banker right out of college. “One of the most requested products was mortgages,” he says. “Learning about the impact mortgages can have, I became intrigued.” Prior to the lending, Keough owned a car dealership that mainly provided financing to people unable to obtain it through traditional routes. “I enjoyed learning their story and needs, and being able to provide a product to meet those needs,” he says.

All three strive to provide tailored advice and guidance as an element of their overall contribution to the rest of the Citi consumer bank team’s goal of creating holistic financial solutions.

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