Eudice Fogel & Jayme Slate, Fogel Slate Group


Helmed by Eudice Fogel, an industry veteran of 39 years, Fogel Slate Group of Compass pairs Fogel with her daughter, Jayme Slate, and together they rank among the Chicago Association of Realtors’ top 1 percent. Working with a mix of buyers and sellers from all income brackets, Fogel and Slate handle everything from studios to multimillion-dollar condos and single-family homes. “We have an educational approach and are very honest and upfront so clients at all levels always have realistic expectations,” they say.

Fogel and Slate joined Compass Chicago as founding members almost two years ago. Within their first year with the company, they closed almost $37 million in sales. Last year was their best sales year in over a decade. “Our biggest accomplishment was seeing so many happy clients. It’s always more than just numbers to us,” they say.

Prior to joining her mother in real estate six years ago, Slate worked in advertising for nine years in Chicago and New York. But the switch came naturally, having grown up with a front row seat watching one of the industry’s finest at work.

Last year, Fogel was recognized as a silver-level award winner for volume by the Chicago Association of Realtors and, with Slate, sold a 100-year-old house that had been on and off the market for four years. “Sometimes you’re lucky enough to have a patient seller who will trust in you to find the right buyer,” they explain. “The confidence that our seller had in us made the sale possible.”

Slate serves on the board of the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund and has two young sons. Fogel was previously active in fundraising for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Chicago and loves spending time with her grandchildren. They are both avid runners and keep their energy levels high to meet their clients’ needs.

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