Philip Schwartz

Philip Schwartz
Broker/Team Leader

After more than a decade selling building materials, Philip Schwartz felt compelled to join the real estate industry and sell the finished product. “I knew immediately I had found my calling,” he says.

With 14 years as a broker, Philip Schwartz is unquestionably a leader in the Chicago real estate market. He has been recognized for eight consecutive years by the Chicago Association of Realtors as an individual Top Producer, as well as a Top 1% Team in 2017, with over $110 million in sales and counting.

“If your client’s success is your focus, the rest will take care of itself,” says Schwartz, who serves buyers, sellers and investors in Chicago and the suburbs. He treats every person and transaction as though they are the most important sale of his career. “I relish helping someone make their first purchase or their fifth. There is a tremendous sense of accomplishment that comes with my client’s success and joy.”

Professional, knowledgeable, communicative and passionate are the words his clients use to describe him. They recognize that he tenaciously educates and empowers them to make informed decisions while managing expectations. “My best client referred me to his in-laws, best friend and his oldest friend in the span of three months,” Schwartz says. “He told them all the same thing, ‘He is willing to say no even if it means not making a sale and doing more work until he finds you the right place.’”

In addition to working with residential buyers and sellers, he works heavily with data-driven clientele — flippers, investors and developers. “As an investor myself, I love talking cash flow, return on investment and crunching the numbers.”

The skill he believes has helped him the most is strategic pricing. “Upwards of 70 percent of my listings sell in under 30 days, which means my pricing is accurate. I use that knowledge of the marketplace to make sure my buyers are making educated decisions when they write an offer.”

In 2017, Schwartz achieved his highest annual sales volume and number of units sold since entering the business. Reflecting on the past year, he is most proud of helping guide an agent on his team from his previous best of $3.5 million in annual sales to almost $9 million in sales.
“I love what I do, and I strive for that to shine through with every one of my clients.”