Roberto Interiano, Brian O’Connor, Michael Spies, Joe Magnelli


Roberto Interiano, Community Lending Sales Manager
Brian O’Connor, Managing Director/Market Sales Manager
Michael Spies, Managing Director/Market Sales Manager
Joe Magnelli, Managing Director, National Mortgage Banking

Michael Spies, Joe Magnelli, Brian O’Connor and Roberto Interiano are integral to the continued success of CIBC Bank USA, each doing their part to help buyers obtain the financial support they need.

With more than 30 years in the mortgage industry, Spies has progressed from underwriter to loan officer to mortgage banker, ultimately making his way to being a managing director with CIBC’s U.S. National Mortgage Banking team. Spies not only leads a team of mortgage bankers, he also still works with clients. “The success and professional growth of my team is extremely inspirational,” he says. “You’re part of a team with a common goal, and it’s high-fives and mutual admiration every time we cross that closing line together.” Over the course of his career, Spies has assisted first-time buyers and longtime clients, including vacation home buyers across the country. “I am truly a one-stop shop for virtually any mortgage finance solution,” he says.

Motivated by the opportunity to help people reach their financial dreams, Magnelli began his lending career nearly 27 years ago. Now as a managing director with CIBC’s U.S. National Mortgage Banking team, he coaches his team members to excel in the residential loan business while also continuing to originate his own loans. “Wearing both hats — that of a manager and a loan officer — is the best way for me to understand the current market trends, what our clients experience and how we can serve them better,” he explains. With expertise in residential lending ranging from owner-occupied purchases to investment purchases, as well as financing for new construction and rehab projects, Magnelli strives to educate his clients so they feel confident about their financial choices.

As marketing sales manager and managing director, O’Connor takes a consultative approach with his clients, providing individualized solutions for everyone from first-time FHA buyers to corporate executives. “I pride myself on being able to review any complex financial situation and provide my clients with the most appropriate loan structure options,” he says. With 23 years of experience, O’Connor is well practiced at maintaining an efficient and stress-free process, taking care to ensure that his clients understand their options prior to signing on the dotted line.

Interiano has worked exclusively in community lending for the past five years, and this year, became the lead of CIBC’s U.S. community lending group. “As a manager of a team of loan officers, my priority is to instill in them a deep knowledge of each mortgage product and down payment assistance program in order for them to provide our clients with the most advantageous loan program,” he says. Interiano and his team primarily serve first-time homebuyers, more than half of whom qualify for some degree of down payment assistance. Interiano and his team also work to provide homebuyer education programs. “In community lending, we aim to educate because we want our clients to be fully able to make the best decisions for their situation,” he explains. “Going to the closing of someone I met at a homebuyer seminar is exciting. I enjoy being there from beginning to end.”

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