Brie Schmidt

Brie Schmidt
Managing Broker/Owner
Second City Real Estate

It was the premature passing of Brie Schmidt’s father that compelled her to leave a career in advertising and sales and seek new possibilities in the real estate industry. Realizing that her father would not get to do the things he planned for in retirement, Schmidt decided she needed to pursue a career that would enable her to be financially free. Seven years ago, she began investing in rental properties, and today she owns over 30 properties and 90 units. In 2014, Schmidt quit her corporate job to be a full-time investor.

Upon meeting a discouraged aspiring investor at an event in 2014, she was moved to put her license to work and teach the skills he needed to succeed. “I found I really enjoyed educating people on the process and path to financial freedom,” Schmidt says. “People started talking and I kept getting referrals. What started as a side hobby turned into me opening my own brokerage in 2016.”

Schmidt’s brokerage, Second City Real Estate, works primarily with investors in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. With her team of investor agents, Schmidt helped her clients acquire a monthly gross rental income of over $100,000 last year. Known for her honesty and upfront nature, Schmidt has had great success with recurring clients. “Twenty-five percent of my clients buy a second property from me in a year, and my business is 100 percent referral based.”

Ranked in the top 10 percent of agents in the area, Schmidt is often described as “blunt and to the point.” She has no problem talking a client out of a property if she feels it’s not a good fit. She hopes to educate her clients so they feel confident they’re making the right decision for themselves.

Dedicated to imparting her knowledge and teaching the skills necessary to be a successful investor, Schmidt founded, a website for out-of-state real estate investors. She also co-founded the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit, one of the largest education platforms for investing in the Midwest. Beyond that, Schmidt is a co-founder of the Chicago Real Estate Investors Meetup, has been featured on dozens of real estate investing podcasts, and regularly speaks at national conferences on investing.

When she’s not working, Schmidt is likely traveling abroad, having visited 50 cities in 20 different countries in the last few years.