Emily Johnson


Emily Johnson

Taylor Johnson Public Relations

In a cyclical industry like real estate, longevity is often a hallmark of success. Just ask Emily Johnson, whose boutique public relations firm, Taylor Johnson, has navigated the ups and downs of the market for nearly four decades.

Since signing its first client, Lexington Homes, in 1977 – a relationship that is still going strong – Taylor Johnson has exclusively represented companies in the real estate industry, counting among its clients some of Chicago’s most respected residential and commercial developers, brokers, and service firms – many of whom have a national presence. Specializing in media relations, social media, and event planning, Taylor Johnson has planned and executed hundreds of successful campaigns over the years, becoming the go-to agency for the “who’s who” of Chicago real estate, as well as firms that are looking to enter the market.

“The strategies we use – building long-term relationships, telling great stories, and positioning our clients as thought leaders – have raised
our clients’ profiles in the industry, as well as the communities in which they do business, translating into positive, measurable results,” said Johnson, president of Taylor Johnson. Playing to those strengths has allowed Taylor Johnson to become a trusted partner and fixture in the local real estate community, offering a perspective that few other agencies can provide.

“Another asset of our team is the well of expertise that we draw from,” Johnson says. “With backgrounds in marketing, journalism, and real estate, our staff truly understands the market and how to craft campaigns in a way that benefit our clients’ bottom line.”

Since storytelling and information-sharing are part of Taylor Johnson’s organizational DNA, it made sense for the firm to launch its own media channel, TJ TALK, in 2008. The must-read daily e-blast features the top real estate headlines of the day, as well as industry events and job openings in the Chicago area and beyond. “With a national following of real estate professionals, TJ TALK is another way Taylor Johnson leverages its reputation to benefit the companies that rely on us for their communication needs,” Johnson said. “It’s been a great tool for us to showcase our clients’ successes while contributing to the larger conversation about emerging trends and milestones in our industry.”


Thanks to AtWater Apartments for letting us use their beautiful location for our photo shoots.

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