Heather Lange


Heather Lange

Real Estate Broker

If you want an Irving Park area expert, you want to talk with Heather Lange. The 15- year industry veteran and nine-year resident of Old Irving Park has made the North Side neighborhood her forte; in fact, she is Old Irving Park’s No. 1 individual agent, and has sold over $25 million in the area alone.

“I’ve listed and sold many of the notable historic homes in Old Irving and worked with many developers and investors in the area,” she says. “A lot of my properties are single- family homes and most are over 100 years old with varying levels of renovation. My expertise and reputation here is the result of really hard work, serious diligence and client referrals.”

Lange credits her understanding of “what’s behind the paint” to show value in each and every property – a skill that was honed while growing up in Michigan.

“My father was and still is my mentor. I basically grew up ‘under his ladder,’” she says. “He and my mother built the house we lived in, and actually modeled it after some of the Frank Lloyd Wright homes in Chicago. He gave me strong morals, an unwavering work ethic and a deep knowledge of construction. I now have two tool boxes, three ladders and can fix almost anything!”

The Realtor Institute Graduate and Certified Residential Specialist is also Quality Service Certified, a testament to high percentages of client satisfaction.

“I find success in finding the perfect fit for a family – seeing them grow and become my friends and neighbors is a great thing,” Lange says. “I always try to take my time and do it right the first time. Just like in construction, it’s important to not skip steps. As for the future, my goal is to gain more market share in the Irving Park neighborhood.”

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