Neena Vlamis


Neena Vlamis

A and N Mortgage Services, Inc.

Neena Vlamis says that her company is very much like a family. A and N Mortgage really cares about their clients as well as their team, and Vlamis and her co-founder, Aaron Gitler, are always working to keep this element of their company consistent. Together, they are always looking for ways to improve and grow to new levels of success, while maintaining the company’s local presence.

A and N Mortgage is able to provide exemplary levels of customer service by providing a positive working environment where everyone can enjoy their career. Vlamis is most proud of receiving the A+ Better Business Bureau rating for seven straight years, even through the recession.

“We value all the members of our team for their own unique traits and skills,” she says. “Our modus operandi is ‘what can we do to help you succeed?’ This type of caring and support translates into everyone giving their clients an experience that is second to none. Our team not only loves the work, but loves to work here at A and N. I’m convinced that when you enjoy your work, you are more successful. That positive energy flows to our clients, too.”

Besides employees benefiting from A and N’s marketing program, management team and support staff, the company also has every product offered by big banks, extremely competitive pricing and the lowest interest rates in the marketplace. Vlamis intends to keep increasing her company’s strength and market share, while growing at a reasonable pace.

“We want to make sure we bring on the right people for our team, so we can continue to provide stellar customer service,” she says. “People really love coming to work here. We truly care about our employees, clients and real estate partners.”

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