Frank Montro


Frank Montro

Oak Realty

Frank Montro has a selfless approach to real estate – so selfless, he is giving away one of his recently rehabbed “dream homes.”

Montro, an agent and a developer who, besides rehabbing and developing homes, hosts homebuying seminars for low-income families, strives to bring extraordinary value to his clients. He puts so much effort and care into his business because it is important that he works at his best level, so that his clients get the best value possible.

“The stronger I become internally, the better I can help someone,” he says. “The smarter I think, the better results I get. If I have a problem, I need to fix it. I am always the solution.”

Montro consistently gets up every morning and balances his relentless quests, which involve searching for the best financing and grants for buyers and working to maximize returns for investors. Montro demonstrates such passion for revitalization, and his proudest achievement is receiving the Chicago Association of Realtors’ Good Neighbor Award. This achievement captures the essence of his purpose – to revitalize Chicago one home at a time.

“There are no shortcuts. It is the daily hard work over time that has led to my success,” he says. “It seems like everywhere I go, I run into people that know my brand. It is an awesome feeling.”

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