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How much are you earning? Are you confident in the Chicago housing market? We want to know! Lend your voice to our annual reader survey.

Our Top Producer Survey results

Check out how Chicagoland agents responded to our Top Producer Survey, including tips on how to reach that coveted top producer status

What does it take to make it as a top producer?

Are you a top producing real estate broker? Do you work with any top producers? We want to hear from you on what it takes to make it to the upper echelon of the Chicagoland residential real estate industry.

Chicago’s State of the Market Survey results

Chicago’s agents and brokers have spoken! Here are the results to our annual State of the Market survey.

Eviction crisis unfolds as courts process backlog of filed cases

Eviction filings are rising as millions of Americans are being forced from their homes months after lawmakers allowed the federally imposed eviction moratorium to expire. 

Survey: Millennial homeowners most burdened by debt, homeownership costs

Millennials are at the greatest risk of becoming house-rich and cash-poor as the generation is spending the highest percentage of their monthly income on homeownership costs compared to other generations, according to a new Hometap report.

What’s the state of the market for Chicago agents and brokers?

What do you see happening with housing inventory in 2022? What are the hottest neighborhoods in Chicago? We’d like to hear your thoughts.

It’s crystal ball time — we want to hear your predictions for 2022!

Where is the market going? What will happen with interest rates next year? Will prices continue to rise? It’s time to read the tea leaves and give your predictions for 2022!

Find out what Chicagoland brokers have to say about their brokerages in our new survey!

The brokerage report survey results are in! Find out what Chicagoland brokers like best about their brokerages — and what can be improved.

Does your brokerage offer training on selling new construction? Find out what Chicagoland brokers say in our new survey.

Do you have clients looking for new construction? Have you sold any new-construction homes in the last 12 months? Check out what our readers have to say in our new survey.

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