Lead Generation

5 Great Places to Network

The easy answer to “Where do you network” is “Everywhere,” but clearly, some places are better for networking than others, especially the five we suggest. All top producers succeed in unique ways, but if there’s any attribute they share,

5 Essential Details About Foreign Homebuyers
5 Essential Details About Foreign Homebuyers

Foreign homebuyers made up nearly $70 billion in sales in 2012-2013, and they revealed distinctive patterns during that time frame that agents should know. We reported earlier this week that, though constrained by weak international economics and exchange rates,

3 Ways to Effectively Market Yourself

There are a variety of ways for agents to market themselves nowadays, but they must never lose sight of the personal, anecdotal details that work. In today’s technological age, there are a seemingly limitless array of methods for marketing

To Fish Or Not To Fish…That is the Question

This holiday season, as I look toward a new year, I have to reflect on the past and analyze what I did well, what I need to improve, and what I want to accomplish next year. Positive growth is

Identifying Leads with Email Campaigns

By Matthew Collis Although email marketing may be a vital component of your communication strategy, you may not be aware that email marketing campaign reports can help you to pin-point the best leads in your database and increase the

The Next (Lead) Generation

We are in an ever-changing industry right now, which you can actually experience on a daily basis. Selling real estate will never be the way it used to be, and savvy agents know this and are adapting accordingly. If

Building Your Referral Business

By Greg Viti In my opinion there is no better way to give and get business than a solid referral from a past client, friend or fellow Realtor. Over the years I have had an opportunity to enjoy many

Local Exposure – Global Reach: Mexico’s Day of the Dead

by Michael Bauknecht The opportunities continue to grow in the global market of real estate. I have been fortunate to grow my list of trusted resources in other countries since I have been focusing on real estate and international

How to Get Listings From Everyone You Meet

By Bob Corcoran Here’s the scenario: You’re at a large gathering of potential clients – let’s say a couple hundred people at a local PTA meeting. Three other agents are there, too, so you want to outshine them for

International Referrals Could Mean Big Business for Agents

By Tom Kelly While housing analysts continue to paint a rather anxious and uncertain picture for residential property in the near future, one emerging source of business for agents has been foreign buyers investing in the U.S., and another

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