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Rethinking real estate in a red hot (and uncertain) market

The past 18 months brought ups and downs to the housing market throughout Chicago and the city’s suburbs. With pandemic restrictions lifted and COVID-19 cases at lows not seen since last spring, agents and clients are still dealing with a lengthy inventory shortage and high demand that pushed prices up in many markets.

Reputation is everything: What are Chicagoland agents doing to build their brands?

What are some of the tried and true methods of successful branding? How has it changed with social media and the tumultuous year that had brokers reinventing themselves? We talk with some of the biggest names in the Chicagoland real estate industry to find out more.

Real estate’s tech revolution

While masks and social distance requirements may eventually fall by the wayside, much of the new real estate technology that has surfaced during the pandemic is likely to stick around for the foreseeable future.

Welcome to the Clubhouse: Why are brokers flocking to this new app?

Agents are swearing by the year-old Clubhouse app that allows more than 10 million users to host town hall-style audio-only forums on various topics.

Game on! Luxury market rebounds

To update you on all the exciting new changes in the luxury market, we went directly to the source: luxury brokers. With much candor, they reveal how the market held up this past year, the types of properties that are moving, how the city compares to the suburbs, buyers’ evolving needs and their exciting predictions for the post-COVID world.

So, you want to sell luxury properties but don’t know how to get started

LaFido has spent more than 20 years in the industry working in luxury sales and training agents to work in the field. In 2016, he launched his Luxury Listing Specialist (LUXE) certification program.

Truth About Agents 2021

In this year’s Truth About Agents survey, we go beyond the statistics with an analysis that contextualizes your responses with prior years’ survey results; the 2021 survey also serves up your comments on topics such as agents’ opinions of their brokerages, what their plans are for the future, how much they expect to earn in the coming year and much more.

Truth About Agents 2021: Income

Have you attempted to renegotiate your commission split in the last 12 months? See what other Chicagoland agents had to say in our 2021 Truth About Agents survey.

Truth About Agents 2021: Agents on Training

Which area of training do Chicagoland agents say they wish they had more of? We asked them in our 2021 Truth About Agents survey.

Truth About Agents 2021: Managing Brokers

What kind of agents are managing brokers targeting for recruitment? What’s their biggest challenge in training new agents? The answers are in the 2021 Truth About Agents survey.

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