Seeing into the future

by Agent X

When you’re a young whippersnapper, seeing the future is an exciting prospect. For a grizzled real estate veteran (who still has the skin and legs of a 20-year-old, I might add), looking into the future is a little scarier. Even if I don’t want to accidentally get a glimpse of what gravity will be doing to these hips in the next few years, knowing what’s going to happen in this topsy-turvy industry would sure be nice. Lucky for you we’ve got some predictions in the cover story to tide you over until the future becomes the present and the present becomes the past. Deep, I know. Let’s get on to the shallow stuff, shall we?

Not only is he a fantastic writer who crafted the Association News column in this very issue, but my dear friend Jim Haisler is also a beekeeper with three hives! As long as he keeps his day job and doesn’t try to horn in on any of my publication space, then I am happy for Jimbo to continue his side project(s) without finding the stingy tush of a bee in the wrong spot. Though I will say a lot of the best gossip buzzes into me via association events.

Speaking of associations, NAR just held its NAR NXT Realtor Experience in Orlando. Congrats to Kenny Parcell of Spanish Fork, Utah, on being named the next NAR prez! And yes, that is a real location, because I looked it up and immediately ordered a Dowdle puzzle off the city’s website even though I have no idea what that is. NAR also named Tracy Kasper of Nampa, Idaho, the 2023 president-elect.

Venus Williams was a guest speaker at the NAR experience, and our very own Tommy Choi managed to snag a selfie with her right after eating a Whopper for lunch. Based on his Facebook posts, it also looks like Tommy enjoyed an amusement park ride. Which makes sense, because when you’re in Orlando, it’s impossible not to find yourself on a roller coaster of some sort.

The Lincoln Park Builders held their annual Real Estate Forum on Nov. 17 at Theater on the Lake. Guests enjoyed cocktails and appetizers before the program and panel discussion, followed by a yummy dinner and open bar. Moderated by Jim Jann of Jab Real Estate Inc., panelists included Jeffrey Michael (Horizon Realty Group), Nick
Ryan (Marquette Companies), Michelle Jarrell (Jarrell Inc.), Matt Katsaros (Wildwood Investments LLC) and Jeff Shapack (Shapack Partners).

Winter is a-coming, so let’s give a warm shoutout to the December babies out there. Mike Jones will celebrate on Dec. 6, while Kelly Maguire, Barbara O’Connor, and Andy M. Shiparski can party on Dec. 8. Todd Mullen gets Dec. 9 all to himself, while Judy Pettas owns lucky number 13, Michelle Mills Clement dominates December 15, Michael Bauknecht raises a glass on Dec. 16, and Mike Sato will party down every Dec. 17. Kathleen Malone and Rafay Qamar are birthday twinsies on Dec. 19, which also happens to fall on the second night of Hanukkah. Jeff Lasky will get more distinguished on Dec. 20 and Walter Krajewski may or may not do the same thing on Dec. 22. Leo Aubel celebrates on Dec. 23, and Denise Salazar-Carosella has to share her birthday with a little holiday you may have heard of called Christmas on Dec. 25. Jeff Metz gets the 27th to himself, while JoAnn Sworan and Jennifer Evans can practice their New Year’s partying early with birthdays on Dec. 29. Mimi Luna always gets the day off of work on her Jan. 1 bday, while Leslie Struthers may have to return to the grind on her Jan. 2 birthday.

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