Where Illinoisans are moving: The top five states

by Emily Mack

Moving rates within the U.S. have slumped in recent decades despite the country’s relatively high mobility. Between 2019 and 2020, just 9.3% of Americans moved. So, among those who chose to leave Illinois, we wonder: where are they moving to? Stacker has released a detailed list of where Illinoisans moved to during 2019, based on info from the U.S. Census Bureau.

No. 1: Indiana

Migration between these neighboring states has always been common. Just recently, Zillow named three Indiana zip codes as among the hottest in Chicagoland. And according to Stacker, that relocation goes in both directions. During 2019, 36,328 residents moved from Illinois to Indiana in 2019, which made up 11.8% of Illinois’ total moving residents that year. And during that same time, 17,156 moved from Indiana to Illinois: more than from any other state. In turn, Illinois ranked as the second most common destination from Indiana.

No. 2: Florida

Florida will always be a classic snowbird destination. And during 2019, 24,425 Illinoisans moved to the Sunshine State: 7.9% of that year’s moving residents. During the same time period, 14,534 Floridians moved to Illinois, making it Florida’s eleventh most common destination.

No. 3: California

Demonstrating comparable numbers with Florida, 24,085 Illinoisans moved to California in 2019. That made up 7.8% of the total moving residents. Meanwhile, 14,692 Californians moved to Illinois, placing the state at No. 14 among California’s most common destinations.

No. 4: Texas

In 2019, 23,747 Illinoisans moved to Texas: 7.7% of the total who moved. And during the same year, Illinois ranked at No. 18 on Texas’ own list of most common destinations with 9,106 of Texans relocating to the state.

No. 5: Wisconsin

And finally, ranked at No. 5, was another Midwestern neighbor. During 2019, 22,402 Illinoisans moved to Wisconsin: 7.3% of that year’s moving residents. And in turn, Illinois was the second-most common destination for those moving from Wisconsin, with 12,021 Wisconsonites moving across the state lines in 2019.

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