The ‘hottest’ Chicagoland ZIP codes are in the suburbs, says Zillow

by Emily Mack

Zillow has compiled a list of the “hottest” Chicagoland ZIP codes based on viewership data. And the results will surprise you.

The top five ZIP codes were chosen by Zillow based on the median number of online views for each area. And, it turns out, the spots which saw the sharpest increase in interest, year-over-year, were not in the city at all. All five popular ZIP codes are in the far-out suburbs — three are over the border in Indiana.

According to Axios, the results — in ranked order — are as follows:

No. 1: 46383

46383 is a Porter County ZIP code, located in the college town of Valparaiso in Northwest Indiana. The median home price there is currently $311,075.

No. 2: 46322

Also in Northwest Indiana is ZIP code 46322, in Highland, Ind. just south of Hammond. The median price for a home in this Lake County ZIP code is $228,591.

No. 3: 46321

Bordering 46322, also in Lake County, is ZIP code 46321. It makes up the small suburb of Munster, Ind. where the median price for a home is $311,075.

No. 4: 60440

In the southwest suburb of Bolingbrook, sits ZIP code 60440. It’s accessible to the city of Chicago with a median home price of $247,813.

No. 5: 60586

The village of Plainfield, Ill. has arisen as an alternative to nearby northern suburbs in Dupage County. Plainfield overlaps between Will and Kendall Counties, with ZIP code 60586 on the Will County side. The median home price in 60586 is $285,179.

And check out where these ZIP codes fall, in the map provided by Axios.

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