Meet the top Chicagoland real estate professionals in our 2021 Who’s Who issue!

by Timothy Inklebarger

If the past year has proven anything, it’s that Chicagoland real estate professionals can adjust to whatever the market sends their way. That applies to winning complicated and hard-fought real estate deals as much as it does to global pandemics. The rich tapestry of individuals who make up the local industry is as diverse as the city itself, but the common denominators, at least among those in the 2021 Who’s Who issue, are hard work and a dedication to excellence. Those are the benchmarks we use when selecting who makes it into this issue that highlights the best in the business. That’s why we’re so proud of this year’s showcase of real estate professionals, each of whom made it through our rigorous nomination and selection process.

While their commitment to professionalism has helped many of these agents become top Chicagoland producers, we focus on which are the best to work with versus the size of their production numbers.

This is the issue where you get to learn more about these outstanding agents, lenders and affiliates of the residential real estate industry who set the example for their peers. Learn everything from how they got into real estate to what drives their business to how they continue to grow year after year. We also offer a glimpse into their personal lives and how they’re helping to build communities through their charitable giving and volunteer efforts. What does the future hold for Chicago’s agents, brokers, mortgage lenders and affiliates? Only time will tell, but these are the individuals who will lead the way, no matter the circumstances. Click here to see who made this year’s Who’s Who in Chicagoland real estate.

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