You can’t hide from the truth

by Agent X

This is one of my favorite issues. Let’s be honest, every issue with my column is a fave, but this one I really love. I’m a big fan of anonymity (clearly), because you can let your hair down and share the honest scoop. If you want to know what people are actually thinking, send them a survey and let them hide behind their keyboards. As far as this issue goes, I’m not as interested in who works where, but I do like to know who makes the most dough and what makes people want to jump ship. So, after you finish reading about who is getting older this month and who made a fool of themselves at a Zoom event, go to the cover story and check out the truth that some folks in the industry may not want you to know.

How about some Merch Madness? Everyone thought that the big news from G-Rate’s Joel Schaub would be that a baby is on the way. However, it turns out that Joel isn’t pregnant, and neither is his wife. Nevertheless, Joel is still continuing to make things fun with his merch! If you’d like some of your own, follow the instructions on his merch and JustCallJoel.

Women’s History Month may have ended, but how about we go ahead and highlight strong women in real estate all year round. I’d like you to turn to the nearest woman in sight right now and tell her that you appreciate her history in March and the rest of the year. That won’t be awkward at all, I promise.

CAR held their 2020 Sales Awards virtually on March 25th. The invite told me to grab a cocktail, start a Facebook watch party and get comfy. After my assistant helped me with the second task, I was ready to roll! Amir Syed of G-Rate and Marki Lemons Ryhal of EXIT Strategy Realty were such excellent red-carpet correspondents that it felt like I was actually there. The little celebration box that was sent to my house with swag from the sponsors was also a nice touch.

Happy birthday to all of those springy babies out there! Don’t forget that April showers bring May flowers. Please start planting those seeds now so that I can send flowers to my friends next month. Anne Ewasko, Carrie Jo Little and Dennis Dooley all share an April 8 birthday, while Dennis Huyck is all by himself on April 11. Lauren Mitrick will get another year more glorious on April 12, Dennis Shaffer will mature on April 14 and Judy Gibbons will get wiser on April 18. If it’s possible, David Wolf will get even more handsome as he eats cake on April 19. Tommy Choi and his best bud Josh Weinberg can celebrate their shared birthday on April 20, and maybe they’ll let Chad Gilbert hang out with them in honor of his birthday on April 22. Sam Sharp celebrates on April 24th, while the legend that is Leigh Marcus celebrates on April 25th, along with Jennifer Mills Klatt and Ivette Rodriguez Anderson. Monica Canellis, Stephen Hnatow, and Tim Brigham should all celebrate together in honor of their big days on the 26th, 27th and 28th, respectively. Nancy Taylor shares April 29th with Steve McEwen, while Marty Winefield closes out April on the 30th. If we want to dip our toe into May, let’s start with Nicole Fabiano-Oertel and Justin Lopatin on May 2. Last, but never, ever least, happy birthday to Leslie Struthers on May 3!

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