Truth About Agents 2021

by Chicago Agent

Welcome to the 2021 Truth About Agents issue, where we dissect Chicagoland’s residential real estate industry data point by data point to paint a clearer picture of the local market. Chicago Agent readers come from all walks of life and represent a diversity unparalleled in any industry, and this is the report that gives you all the details.

We go beyond the statistics with an analysis that contextualizes your responses with prior years’ survey results; Truth About Agents also serves up your comments on topics such as agents’ opinions of their brokerages, what their plans are for the future, how much they expect to earn in the coming year and much more.

It goes without saying that we couldn’t have done it without our dedicated readership who completed our annual questionnaire. Thank you. Our partnership with readers empowers us to offer a greater understanding of the Chicagoland market, so roll up your sleeves and have fun digging in.   



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Also in this issue:

Is it too easy to become a real estate agent?

Low barrier to entry: It’s one of the best things about the real estate industry — and also one of the worst.

Getting started is easy; moving forward is hard, particularly for Black agents 

The barrier is not so much getting into real estate — it’s staying in.




Association News with Jim Haisler of Heartland Realtor Organization: All’s fair (not quite) in love and bidding wars

“In today’s market, finding new approaches to put the twinkle in the seller’s eye is key.” — Jim Haisler, Chief Executive Officer, Heartland Realtor Organization




Top Coach with Ella Blaine: Create your own opportunities with the Think 50 Plan

“New agents who do survive for those first few years quickly learn this lesson: If you want to eat, you must know how to hunt. If you are hunting, you need to know what you are looking for.” — Coach Ella Blaine




Technically Speaking: BombBomb: Humanizing your connections through easy-to-use video messaging

“Video messaging has been a total game changer for me. It is inexpensive, saves me a ton of time and is ridiculously easy to use, but most importantly, it humanizes my interactions with my clients.” — Anne Ewasko




From the Editor: Who are we now?

Our annual survey of agents on salaries, brokerages, business practices, industry trends and more reflects a market like no one has ever seen.








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