Hot market = happy lenders

by Agent X

It’s no secret to anyone that things aren’t quite perfect out there in the big, bad world just yet. We’re still wading through the Pandy, and just when we thought maybe it was safe to go outside fully masked, tons and tons of snow dumped down upon us from the sky. I couldn’t get to my private island this year, so I’ve just been hanging out in this frozen tundra we call Chicago. The only thing hot out there these days is the housing market, now that interest rates are lower than the low end of a scale. That means all you lenders out there are probably pretty happy. So it turns out we’re all in the right industry, even though one would think a global pandemic would put a damper on home sales. Who would’ve thought?

Zillow has gotten a lot of action lately. First the company dropped $500 million on the ShowingTime app in February. CA did a survey to see how brokers were feeling about this deal, and we got a huge response, since a lot of you were decidedly NOT happy about it. Then, SNL had us rolling on the floor with laughter after guest host Dan Levy and SNL regulars likened the Zillow website to a new type of erotica. Nothing is more attractive than ogling a house online that you can’t afford!

Everyone knows that I hate the snow and the cold, but seems like it isn’t slowing anyone else down. In fact, February was a pretty high production month for you folks! John Kmiecik got so distracted with all of his deals that he accidentally slammed his hand in a car door. This resulted in a hand decorated with many shades of black and blue, but that didn’t slow down good ol’ Johnny!

Here are some birthdays that are MARCHing into the spotlight this month. Beth Repta parties on March 3, while Jim Psyhogios gets down on March 6, and David Cieslak will get older on lucky number 7. Katrina Schmitt and Landon Harper share a March 10 bday, while Sandesh Bilgi gets the day to himself on March 15. Tammy Hajjar Miller will party on March 19 and Mary Sullivan will get her groove back on March 20. Melissa Archer-Wirtz will turn somewhere ever so slightly north of 21 on March 21, while Michelle Bobart is right behind her on March 22. March 24 is a big day for the dudes, as we’ll be celebrating Peter Moulton, Matt Laricy, Matt Silver and Isaac Parker. Marissa Lanzito and Judy Greenberg can clink cosmo glasses in honor of their shared birthday on March 28. Peter Olesker will celebrate on the 29th, while Deena Zimmerman barely sneaks in every year at the end of the month with her March 30 bday.

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