It’s construction season!

by Agent X

It’s construction season!

Isn’t it fun sometimes to just pretend like everything is normal? I mean, we should all still be wearing our masks in public (speaking of which, I just got some really fab masks in the mail that I can’t wait to showcase once they’re done quarantining by my front door), but aside from that, with the way new construction is popping up all over Chicagoland, it’s like nothing has changed. So how about you join me in this fantasy while you read my column?

Another thing that helps me pretend the world is not topsy-turvy is the fact that real estate peeps keep getting new jobs and brokerages keep opening up new offices. Congrats to Sandesh Bilgi for moving on up to Sotheby’s International Realty, as an example of that phenomenon.

Also, I am loving all the posts from Who’s Who season. Sure, it was fun to see you guys posting those behind-the-scenes photos before the issue came out, but the finished product just makes you all shine like the diamonds in the rough that you are. Some rougher than others, but we’ll leave that list for another day.

Anyone tired of being bothered about the census? Too bad. It’s really important, and you need to fill it out. So instead of complaining about people bothering you to fill it out, just go fill it out and I’ll stop bothering you.

My pooches and I have discovered an exciting new offering in Chicago: PicnicsInTheChi.com. I can pay someone else to set up a luxury picnic experience for me and my loved ones (the dogs) and all I have to do is show up and enjoy. I’m really good at showing up and enjoying things, and the you-know-what has really been putting a damper on that. The best part is the silk flowers. It’s the little touches that really mean the most.

More virtual events for us all to enjoy safely from our home in our pajamas! The morning of Sept. 4, real estate consultant Katie Lance joined Marki Lemons-Ryhal on Facebook Live for a “lively” discussion. I meant to watch — I really did — but my techies were unavailable to help me get onto Facebook, so I missed out. Then I went down an internet wormhole about outdoor picnics and got distracted.

Later that day, Carrie Jo Little hopped on to Insta to discuss her new book for real estate noobs. Clearly a seasoned vet like this old fool doesn’t need a book for rookies, but I’ve already bought a number of them for the new agents biting at my heels for a mentor. The holidays are sort of around the corner, so I say we all get a jump on our gift shopping.

On Sept. 10, WCR’s suburban wing held a True Visionaries fundraiser to find out who is smarter than a 5th grader. Spoiler alert: About 50% passed the test.

It’s not time for pumpkin spice just yet, even if Starbucks seems to think so. Next issue I’ll bust out those seasonal birthday wishes, but for now just be happy to get a shout-out in a fancy magazine. On Sept. 16, Mo Dadkhah and Lori Wyatt get to celebrate, while Sept. 19 is a big day for Teresa Ryan, Evelyn Fred, Julie Harron and my most favorite CA publisher Anne Hartnett (until it’s time for the other one to have a birthday, and then she’ll be my favorite). Jessica Kern and Bill Knapp can celebrate together, but 6 feet apart, on Sept. 20, while Ian Schwartz and Cheena Chandra may just want to do their own thing to celebrate on Sept. 24.

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