The difference two little words can make

by Meg White

Investing can be a scary idea, or at least it’s associated with terms that can be off-putting. As one example: While I’m not eager to work for the rest of my life, the notion that I should be keeping better track of my individual retirement account practically gives me hives.

There is one way to make the word more attractive, though, at least for readers of this magazine. Just add two simple words to the beginning: “real estate.” Now that’s better, isn’t it? When you’re investing in something you love, it’s like you’re investing in yourself.

And in a way, that’s what this whole issue is all about. The agents and educators we interviewed for our cover story are not only investing in their future by putting money down on a hard asset that they can fold into their overall investment portfolio or even take into retirement, they’re also proponents of acquiring and holding the knowledge it takes to make smart investments in real estate. And that information gathering process will only accrue more intellectual dividends for both you and your future clients.

While a nervous investor might see these uncertain times as the wrong moment to jump into the fray, our expert sources see the opposite. Change creates opportunities that weren’t there before, and your preexisting knowledge about real estate means you’re already well on your way to taking advantage of them. And if you’re ready to jump in after reading this issue, I want to hear about your journey; email me at meg.white@agentpublishing.com.

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