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My personal COVID-19 checklist

by Agent X

My personal COVID-19 checklist

In the cover story, you’ll find all the things that you’ll need for your business to run smoothly right now. But I’d like to go ahead and share my personal coronavirus checklist with my loyal readers: wine, liquor, caramel M&Ms, Netflix, salt & vinegar chips, Words With Friends and carrots. I thought I’d throw in something healthy to make sure I can still wear my fancy pants when all of this is over. Things are starting to open up, which is very exciting! But I still don’t have to break out the fancy pants yet, do I?

COVID-19 is not going to put a damper on our super popular Who’s Who issue. I’d like to know how many people will be sporting a mask in their glossy photo. I’ve purchased a few masks so far and it’s amazing how many styles and colors are available. Just recently I heard you can buy a bikini with a matching mask. I dare someone to sport that in their Who’s Who photo! While not quite as bold as matching your mask to your swimwear, Kendra Green of Jameson Sotheby’s showed up to her photo shoot just a few days away from giving birth. I hope she named the baby after me. Speaking of babies, Melanie Everett just announced that she is expecting a baby girl! Friendly reminder that Agent X could be a boy or girl’s name.

Oh, and did you hear? Steve Johnson, culture writer at the Chicago Tribune, is looking for real estate investors to go in on a brewery that is available for a piddly $2.5 million on Craigslist. That’s right, Craigslist. So if you’re interested, hit up Stevie on the Twitterverse. He mentioned he can chip in a few thou, so the rest is on you.

Folks are starting to get together in person again, but there are still plenty of virtual opportunities out there if you’re not ready to slip back into your fancy pants. On June 11, the National Association of Realtors’ Lawrence Yun met virtually with members of the Mainstreet Organization of Realtors to speak about how the latest economic numbers will impact the suburban Chicagoland real estate business. I couldn’t clear my calendar that afternoon, so if you want to get the deets on that convo, check out page 20 of this very magazine.

Then, on June 18, Women’s Council of Realtors — West Suburban hosted a martial arts demonstration and participation event to help educate members on safety. Who’s still sore from that one? Sometimes we forget that there is more out there than just COVID-19 that can put us in danger.

And of course, June 21st was Father’s Day! Hope you got something really nice for your dad. Like maybe a bottle of scotch or golf clubs. That’s what dads like, right?

Summer officially kicked off on June 20, so let’s give a shout-out to all the summer babies out there. First, Heidi Seagren celebrates on June 24, then on June 27, birthday twins Dan Wagner and Chip Cornelius can consider partying together. Then we’re somehow already in July, when we can cheer the birth of Joan-y Maloney on July 2 and Rich Rogala on the 3rd. Terry Anderson and Frank Montro share their big day with America on July 4! Then you can shake off your Independence Day hangover to toast Tracy Flanagan on July 5. Hopefully you’re back up to 100% in time to cheer Sherri Southall on July 7.

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