Is it your first time?

by Agent X

First-time homebuyers are always a little bit on the nutso side, but can you imagine buying your first home during a moment of social unrest wrapped in a global pandemic? Talk about needing a little hand holding. But guess what? That’s what you agents are here for! As much as people are scared to dip their big toe into the homebuying pool right now, many folks are still going to go ahead and jump in with their whole bodies. And they’re going to need a lifeguard, now more than ever. Let’s just hope you faithful readers know how to swim.

Congrats to Nobu Hata on being named the CEO of the Denver Metro Association of Realtors. Why do you care about what’s happening in Denver? Well, before this new fancy position, Nobu was NAR’s director of industry outreach and engagement strategy. So, if he was truly reaching out in the right way, you probably know exactly who he is. And he has a cool name, and you know how I feel about cool names (I see you Maria Thanasouras, and even if I haven’t mentioned you in a while, you’re still in my heart).

Congrats to Judy Gibbons on winning the Member of the Year award for WCR in 2019! Remember 2019 everyone? Those were the days, and clearly Judy was making the most of them by earning fancy awards. I’ve been named member of the year for a few organizations throughout my very, very long career, though some of the organizations I probably shouldn’t mention here.

As we think about opening Chicagoland back up, I’ve been wondering what other folks are going to do when all this mess is over. I’ve heard Millie Rosenbloom is going to hit up Gibson’s and hope her pooches Mabel and Mavis get leftovers via puppy bags. Sam Shaffer is going to bring a big bag and an empty stomach to Joe’s Seafood. Brad Lippitz can’t wait to get his hands on some grub from Yoshi, while Josh Weinberg is going to hit up Manny’s for chicken pot pie the very next Wednesday they’re open.

Events are still virtual right now, but we may be close to actually seeing each other in real life. Most likely from behind a mask, but I’ve really learned to read a person by the expression in their eyes. It’s a gift. Were you guys there on May 27, when CAR’s YPN held a virtual breakfast with local 30 Under 30 honorees? I may be just a little too old to be featured, but I still learned a lot from the young whipper snappers, who shared their career journeys, tips for success and vision for the future. Fun fact: I attended the event with my camera off and my pajamas on.

Might this be our last batch of quarantine birthdays? Perhaps, but either way, I hope the folks on this list wake up to killer balloon displays regardless. First, Joe Zimmerman and Jody Kelly celebrate on June 11, while Darlene Little gets her stay-at-home party going on June 12. Dave Hanna, Mabél Guzmán and Karen Schmid can try to air high-five on June 17, while Ginna Ryan can try to get in on the action the following day. Jennifer Leong gets another day wiser on June 19, while Julius Barrutia and Colleen Harper share a June 21 date of birth. Then raise your glass to Rebecca Jensen on June 22, and take a huge gulp from that glass in honor of John Poast on June 23. Friendly reminder that things may be opening up, but let’s not get crazy out there, Chicago. Remember to please stay safe, healthy and wash your hands!

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