Business as usual

by Agent X

Business as usual

If I were in Chicago right now, this would be my favorite time of year. The holidays are upon us, which means no one is around. Silence and the lack of traffic are two of the main reasons I enjoy my private island. That and the fact that it’s a sunny 80 degrees here every day. I heard from my staff that it was 60 degrees in Chicago on Christmas Day, which is great for you guys!

But now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get back to business as usual. The cover story has some concrete steps for real estate pros to become business owners, while my column has got you covered in the gossipy, know-it-all department. There is no reason you can’t enjoy both.

Sheena Baker may enjoy the holidays more than I do, because she’s basically shown up at everyone’s family holiday party this year. But I would’ve invited her to mine if I hosted one, so it makes sense. It’s also no surprise that everyone’s fav broker opened up her own office in downtown Aurora, even though she is still a part of CarMarc Realty.

Mo Dadkhah apparently didn’t get enough turkey on Thanksgiving, because he prepared another bird for Christmas dinner. In true Mo fashion he decided to document and share his entire turkey-cooking journey with all of the world. I definitely learned a few things, such the fact that it’s acceptable to serve turkey for Christmas.

When Matt Laricy does something, he likes to do it big. That’s why he owns a gigantic black and white Great Dane, who’s basically cooler than all of us combined. Not only did that dog land a coveted spot in the pets of River North calendar, but he also appeared on the ABC morning news. Go ahead and check out Domino’s Insta account, @domino_the_dane, for canine glamor shots, including many where Domino is snuggling with the adorable Laricy baby.

I have to commend Grace Goro Kaage for her decision to spend Christmas by the pool in Florida. I may not be in Florida, but I also spent my Christmas afternoon lounging in the sun by a body of water. My white Christmas involved sandy beaches; how about you?

The most important piece of news for January 2020 is, of course, the legalization of weed in Illinois! Thanks to Gov. Pritzker, the dream is about to become a reality for a lot of residents come Jan. 1. Can’t wait to see how that pans out as everyone scrambles to roll out marijuana to the masses.

Since I’m hidden away from the world right now, I wasn’t able to attend any parties to report on for this issue. That means we can scoot right on over to 2020 birthdays! Please join me in wishing a happy birthday to Marc Churchill on Jan. 7, and then on Jan. 12 Gary Ouellette, JD Cortese and Jennifer Peterson can all celebrate together. Kevin Rocio gets another year older on lucky number 13, while Alex Zupancic, Jeff Baker and Vince Milito are birthday triplets on Jan. 14. George Schultz will get his birthday cake on Jan. 15, while Donna Griffin celebrates on Jan. 16. Then on Jan. 20, Monique Washington and Kevin Van Eck can sip margaritas as they toast their big day.

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