I left my heart in suburbia

by Agent X

Some Chicagolandians swear by their suburbs, while others won’t set a foot north of Howard or west of Austin. Even though some of those ’burbs are full-on Cook County approved, it doesn’t matter. I tried to do a search to determine exactly how many suburbs actually exist, but my results ranged from 62 to 200. My assistant is on vacation, which means I won’t be able to find the real answer until he returns. And if you’re wondering, I did in fact send him off to my private island for some R&R (that’s real estate reprieve).

But regardless of how many suburbs there are, each has its own specific flair and flavor. I’m also pretty sure that I’ve had a lovely meal and too many cocktails in most of them. However, when it comes to serving my clients, I don’t mess around. So even if I’m so intimately familiar with a certain little hole-in-the wall in Lemont that I’ve been asked never to return, I still don’t claim to know the area well enough to find the right neighborhood for a Lemont-bound client. That’s why I reach out to others, like some of you folks. Speaking of which, any Lemont experts out there available to give me a call? I have a favor to ask…

I’m light on gossip this week, which is probably because you guys are busy focusing on the hot market. Dan Kieres got a little emotional at the opening of his brand-new brokerage in Edison Park, Northwest Real Estate Group. He was even brave enough to post video footage of himself holding back tears for about 30 seconds. I get it, Danny boy, opening a new brokerage is like birthing a baby. Which makes the ribbon-cutting sort of like the bris. Martyna Tos might not have shed tears at the event, but she is offering up candy and wine to visitors, so I’ll see you over there.

On May 30, I attended a session on “Preserving Chicago’s Dwindling but Vital Supply of Two-Flats and Three-Flats” at Chicago’s Sulzer Regional Library. Just wanted to let you know that I attended because people seem to think that I only go to events with free drinks and snacks. I did go out afterward with some industry folks for drinks and snacks, but I paid, so it all evened out.

Between June 5th and 7th I popped in and out of some sessions at Revel Fulton Market for the Chicago Forum on Global Cities. Make that the Pritzker Forum, specifically. Since I’ve got some buddies in the Pritzker family, it seemed important that I should make an appearance. And I heard that there would be networking opportunities, along with some free drinks and snacks. I learned a lot and a drank a lot, which means it was a rousing success.

I guess light on gossip means heavy on birthdays! Joe Zimmerman and Jody Kelly share a June 11 bday, while Darlene Little can invite them over the next day for her June 12 celebration. Dave Hanna, Mabel Guzman and Karen Schmid all get another day wiser on June 17, and though Ginna Ryan is already pretty wise she can still celebrate on June 18. Jennifer Leong will raise a glass on June 19, while Julius Barrutia and Colleen Harper will party down on the first day of summer, June 21. Rebecca Jensen will get her birthday hustle going on June 22, and I encourage John Poast to do the same on June 23.

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